Starcodes July 6, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes July 6, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins


Dream big this week, stare at those clouds in the summer sky. We can let our intuition see shapes and forms that give us hints about the future. And then, by the end of the week work on plans to make it so. Two grand trines add an extra dynamism this week; a dreamy Sun – Neptune – Jupiter triangle in sensitive water signs helps us imagine the bigger picture, and an earthy grand trine as Venus enters Virgo late in the week, trines Uranus and hard-working Saturn helps us make pragmatic changes.

We may be feeling unusually sensitive or easily overwhelmed and need to build up our resilience with every good moment so we can stay in there and manifest. We just have to watch out for a tendency to passivity, and get stuck in our dreams, or discouragement, which can be the first effects of these aspects. The trick will be to balance acceptance with activism, whether it’s a small domestic issue or big national problem.

Jupiter acts to expand our world, see the bigger picture, and to do so it can make us discontent with anything that feels small or ugly. But with Jupiter involved we tend to express ourselves with grand gestures, over the top, once we get going. As Jupiter turns direct after a long time retrograde on Tuesday, we may get signs that we don’t have to feel so stuck, glimmers of the light at the end of the tunnel.  Now we just have to walk there ourselves.

As the weekend begins, Mercury and Venus in outgoing Leo can add bombast to the political headlines but also encourages us to get out and engage life wholeheartedly. Mercury in Leo can bring a bombastic streak that peppers the headlines with exaggeration.

The energy starts hot on Friday under an Aries moon. Over the weekend the Moon in comfort-seeking and stubborn Taurus encourages us to rest up and refill the wells. At Taurus Moon with as the Sun trines Neptune can make this a real drifting summer weekend. Just notice that we may people that were not necessarily dealing with a full deck of reality. Whether that means we are lost in our favorite conspiracy theory or drifting on the lake with no with not a thought a concern in mind; enjoy but consider keeping an eye out for the harsh edges of reality and potentially difficult wake-up calls. Drift in the boat but keep an eye out for the rocks.

A talkative, networking, nervy Gemini Moon on Monday and Tuesday gets the buzz going, we may need extra effort to stay centered and grounded but can hold successful meetings and get our point across easily.

Wednesday and Thursday a waning Moon in sensitive Cancer, followed by a new moon, partial solar eclipse- opposed Pluto (and only seen and the southern hemisphere) on Thursday night can bring community and family matters and issues of family health and law to a head. In some cases, this can feel like a personal or political earthquake, but for most cases this can clear the deck for room to start some a new emotional phase around home, homeland, self-care, or family.

We may get some hints later this week about the changes coming for the fall as Venus enters Virgo and trines Uranus. Whether a taste of new romance, ideas for school or professional work, look for suggestions about where we need to pragmatically this is happening in earth signs), think outside of the box.  We may feel the need to change our physical environment to release extraneous things, to edit our closets and our work, and make our world more beautiful. Let’s just not edit our beloveds. It is a wonderful time for self-improvement, but let’s appreciate what’s working before we tackle what isn’t. Don’t offer and ask for helpful suggestions to beloveds, they won’t see it as affection, they’ll hear it as criticism.

We can find new people coming into our lives, new conversations and connections. So, let’s get busy and look around to see who’s getting busy too.

Friday, July 6: The mood is upbeat if reactionary on Friday as the Moon in Aries trines sociable Venus squares Pluto. We’ll feel better if we do something to tackle a problem in our path. Choose confrontations carefully midday, be careful to react appropriately rather than overreact. That’ll be enough. Evening brings that more sociable edge as the Moon trines Venus, we want to dive into life, but may not be too careful about the process.

Moon square Sun 1:50 AM, Moon square Pluto 12:53 PM

Saturday, July 7: A cuddly Taurus Moon can leave us moving slow and longing for breakfast in bed until the Moon conjuncts Uranus late morning. Midday it may be tempting to make a physical change, move furniture, dig a bigger garden, or shift things. Change the world in a concrete way. We may find communication easy this afternoon, making this a slow-moving but productive day. Evening brings out a feistier or more energized edge as the Moon squares Mars. Watch those political discussions.

Moon trine Venus 1:08 AM, Moon enters Taurus 6:50 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 10:45 AM, Moon trine Saturn 3:58 PM, Moon square Mars 9:51 PM.

Sunday, July 8: Dream big and let the generosity flow as the Moon opposes expansive Jupiter and the Sun trines imaginative Neptune this morning, tap into spirit. Take a moment of ease and resource to release discouragement and overwhelm. Build up resilience and refill the wells. Delicious foods and beauty feed the soul and allow us to stay in here for the long haul. The planets encourage us to remember our vision, remember who and what is important to us.

Moon square Mercury 4:40 AM, moon’s opposed Jupiter 6:30 AM, Sun trine Neptune 8:41 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:47 AM, Moon sextile Sun 12 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:11 PM.

Monday, July 9: A nervy buzz is in the air as the Moon enters Gemini and Mercury squares Jupiter. People can talk too much, but put their foot in their mouth, but also give us some interesting information. They may not mean it all but some interesting truths will come through, so listen carefully. Avoid a tendency to be mean just because it makes a good joke. As the Moon Venus enters Virgo tonight, notice a tendency to inventory oneself and others, just make sure it’s a fair and balanced inventory.

Mercury square Jupiter 3:13 AM, Moon square Venus 10:09 AM, Moon enters Gemini 10:58 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 3 PM, Venus enters Virgo 8:31 PM.

Tuesday, July 10: A review of earlier work or earlier interactions can give us the information we need now to turn the corner and expand the process. Engage the conversation. Look for the light at the end of the tunnel as Jupiter turns direct, though the tunnel may still be long. But watch out for extremes, extremes of weather, of hyperbole, from mind the jumps to best or worst-case scenarios. What needs to be liberated?

Moon trine Mars 12:27 AM, Jupiter turns direct 11:02 AM, Moon sextiles Mercury 11:23 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:59 PM.

Wednesday, July 11: Self-protection runs deep, but our capacity to nurture human kind needs to run deeper.  Be family to someone who needs family as the Moon enters Cancer. Feel the family of humankind, if our own family is not in a good place, will need to feel that support from others. People can get cranky, but not because they don’t love us but because memories run close to the surface and old scar tissue tweaks easily. Reconnect with routines, reorganize.

Moon enters Cancer 11:58 AM, Moon sextile Venus 3:08 PM, Moon sex tiles Uranus 3:35 PM, Moon opposes Saturn 7:38 PM, Venus trine Uranus 9:25 PM.

Thursday, July 12: The day can be give us a mythic story, but we don’t have to get lost in that strange land. In one mode this could be a quiet, interior day. But today’s new Moon in Cancer, oppose Pluto, marks the potential for a break down or breakthrough in circumstances and relationships around home, family, homeland. Mercury-Neptune quincunx can make it hard to understand what’s really going on, our thinking could be pleasantly fuzzy or totally deluded, or just stuck in a misunderstanding. Check facts, clear the mind, stay in the present.

Mercury quincunx Neptune 1:59 AM, Sun opposes Pluto 4:04 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:11 AM, Moon trine Neptune 1:55 PM, Moon opposes Pluto 7:43 PM, new moon’s solar eclipse 8:47 PM.



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