Starcodes July 13 2018, Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes July 13 2018, Heather Roan Robbins


Look forward to a friendly summery weekend with a touch of political bombast and interpersonal drama around the edges as the Moon joins Mercury in expressive Leo on Friday the 13th. Let’s all tell our story and keep it close to reality while allowing for a little creative license around the edges. Mercury turns retrograde in a week and ½. We can already feel it slowing down and sludging up our schedule, asking us to take some time off and rethink. So let’s start to tie up some loose ends and clear out any misunderstandings now.

In the background, overheated storms hover over more serious emotional considerations and demand that we make concrete changes, prodded by a positive grand trine in Earth signs, between Venus in Virgo, Saturn, and Uranus. Feel the earthquakes, whether they’re political or geological, and hope for of series of small quakes two release tension rather than any large one. That grand trine can also make it fun to spend time complaining, mistaking critique for actual change, or leave us emotionally brittle in ugly situations. But a better use for it is to do some deep personal processing and take practical steps to improve the situation.

A more industrious mood kicks in as Moon joins Venus in Virgo on Sunday and Monday and helps us step out of the story and into the work. It’s important to take a few moments assessment and self-reflection, let’s be gentle on ourselves and let the good sink in. Deal with cleanup, coordination, organization, learning the next step of our work. Some project to improve the situation may need to be rethought or adjusted; if so, take it in stride rather than let it frustrate.

Relationships can feel slightly disjointed this week, it’s not that we don’t love one another, or we don’t have hope in the future, more likely we feel pulled away by other responsibilities, or feel distracted by tough world events which toss our hearts around and make it harder to tune into that deep connected pulse as Venus challenges Mars early in the week. If we feel out of rhythm with one another, let’s not take it personally, share affection anyway and know that we can come back together on the other side of this and get our groove back in a few weeks.

Let the chores slide and work on peaceful connections in the neighborhood as the Moon enters sociable Libra on Tuesday. It furthers to laugh with one another and be present in our hearts, fertilize our relationships.

Get people on the same page before the Moon enters Scorpio Thursday night and activates our physical and emotional histamines.

Throughout the week we may get hints of new beginnings, the start of a new chapter. Look for inklings of upcoming work, a turning point in a relationship, some fresh terrain. The new beginnings may be subtle and may be delayed through the rest of the summer, but these inklings help us prepare for the road ahead.

Friday, July 13: Emotions can run over the top, and some of us will need to express ourselves in big sweeping terms as the Leo moon squares Uranus. Underneath that expressive parade is a more reserved and thoughtful mind, keeping deeper feelings inside, and running a list of what needs to get done next. Early evening brings an upbeat mood but watch for a more belligerent edge towards midnight. Familiar routines in a good night’s rest will further.

Moon enters Leo 11:30 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:10 PM, Moon opposed Mars 11:11 PM.

Saturday, July 14: Encourage good friendships, a chance to reconnect. Build trust by working together on small projects as Venus trines Saturn under a sociable Leo Moon. Have a party or engage in a great conversation tonight as the Moon conjuncts verbal Mercury. Just make sure to listen as much as you share, give everybody a moment in the spotlight, as we can feel an urgency to be seen.

Venus trine Saturn 12:44 AM, Moon square Jupiter 8:43 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 5:11 PM.

Sunday, July 15: Make art for a good cause as the Moon conjuncts Venus in Virgo and resonates with that grand trine in Earth signs. We want to help make the world better place and will feel better if were doing in that direction. Low-level anxiety can increase our tendency to make suggestions which we intend to be helpful- but aren’t. People need encouragement, but we need to let the inspiration come from within rather than our good ideas. Turn that energy onto the community at large. Towards the evening if some romantic or interpersonal friction edges in, don’t take it personally. Rest instead.

Moon enters Virgo 11:30 AM, Moon trine Uranus 3:20 PM, Moon trine Saturn 6:54 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:35 PM.

Monday, July 16: We may need to deal with some off-kilter interactions; our needs work on skew lines as Venus quincunx Mars while Mercury quincunx Pluto. Discomfort can bring up depression or make us want to control a situation, but better that we speak from our heart, hold hands, and find something productive to do. A moment alone may be necessary. These interpersonal misalignments can help us see where we still need healing, or where we have wisdom to share from the process of our own healing, as Uranus semi sextiles Chiron. Digestion may need a little support today, don’t be hard on oneself and eat foods that actually nurtures, rather than just comforts.

Venus quincunx Mars 1:55 AM, Mercury quincunx Pluto 9:23 AM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 9:34 AM, Uranus semi-sex tile Chiron 11:15 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 2:23 PM, Moon trine Pluto 8:29 PM.

Tuesday, July 17: We don’t want to fight today as the Moon enters egalitarian Libra, but that doesn’t mean we’ll put up with crap. Morning has an aimless, off-track quality but is good for tying up loose ends. Afternoon calls for a pleasant adventure, and for balancing needs in a relationship. Share affection by finding something to appreciate in one another, catch somebody doing something right. We may be preoccupied about logistical concerns tonight as the Moon squares Saturn and will feel better if our worries are taken seriously practical help offered.

Moon sextile Sun 4:09 AM, Moon enters Libra 1:42 PM, Moon square Saturn 9:18 PM.

Wednesday, July 18: Morning flows smoothly, making it a good time to begin minor projects or set out on a pleasant exploration as the Moon in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius. As the day winds to a close, the Moon moves into a square with Pluto and something may leave us more haunted or disconnected, more alone in the world than we’d like. But let’s notice that because our beloveds are busy, because friends have a different agenda, we are out of sync, not necessarily unloved. Reach out with the compassionate hand.

Moon trine Mars 12:56 AM.

Thursday, July 19: Roll with fluctuating moods as the Moon squares Pluto and the Sun and then enters Scorpio tonight. Tasks may get more difficult, but we also have more energy to tackle difficulties. Let’s just not put that muscle between us. When discomfort or challenge arrives, find a way to hold hands and approach the problem, each from their own perspective, rather than let the problem sit between. Unpleasant evidence of our country’s shadow side could haunt the news; when they go low, let’s go high.

Moon square Pluto 12:42 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:54 AM, Moon square Sun 1:52 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 7:12 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 11:41 PM.


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