Starcodes Aug 10, 2018   Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes Aug 10, 2018   Heather Roan Robbins


Amongst Summers ripening fruit and the first whispers of back-to-school supplies, this week could be laced with moments silliness, drama, and important strategic moves. Our feelings can swell to high tide about world events that grab our heart or respond in waves that may or may not make sense with the story of our life. Even if everything is just fine, we can feel a touch of melodrama or imagine apparent emergencies that aren’t really there. Either we just need a story to go with the feeling, or melodrama may hide a real problem. But watch out for distraction, as some people could create a drama over here, so we don’t notice their Machiavellian strategic move over there.

If we want to make a strategic move ourselves, let’s be careful to only make those that are ours to make, and be very careful about manipulating other people, even in what appears to be their best interests. They won’t appreciate it.

On Saturday a solar eclipse new Moon just before 4 AM at 18° Leo, quincunx Pluto, with Mercury still retrograde, encourages us to breakthrough some illusions of ourselves, some out of date or inappropriate self-criticism or self-aggrandizement, and start over with a fresh assessment of our worthiness, what we have to offer, what gifts and talents we have to share. Then share them. This is true for us as a country as well as a person.

Venus and Mars are both in air signs through the weekend, forming a friendly, flirtatious trine, which can help us enjoy our relationships and weave community while we are tackling other problems together.  Those who are in the market new for new friends or loves may find them if they get out there now and find an excuse to collaborate. Get the conversation going, just make sure that it’s a two-way street.

On Monday, Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn, where it has muscles. This effective, manipulative, and ambitious Mars can remind us of our goals and help us focus our work. It is a good time to go back, reorganize and build infrastructure. But this Mars can also bring out a Machiavellian streak. Watch the political strategies through September.

Friday, August 10: Give in to a lazy streak, because it won’t pay to try and hurry. Our inner world, our personal needs can be magnified on the dark of the Moon in Leo, which can help us know ourselves and know what we have to offer, and know what we need, but we may have to become consciously aware of other people’s feelings to create balance. Healthy people can shine, but narcissistic habits will be exacerbated. Tonight, we’d like to shine as the Moon conjuncts Mercury in Leo, which is wonderful for performance art or a good dinner party, as long as people take turns in the limelight and celebrate one another. Just don’t turn emotional dramas into a performance art.

Moon square Uranus 2:21 AM, Moon sex tile Venus 3:48 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:45 PM, Moon conjunct Mercury 9:54 PM.

Saturday, August 11: A solar eclipse-new Moon just before 4 AM at 18° Leo, quincunx Pluto, encourages us to break through some out of date or inappropriate self-criticism or self-aggrandizement and start over with a fresh assessment. Great stories can be told tonight through dinner time. Evening grows more thoughtful, less outgoing; a few self-doubts creep in as the moon enters Virgo. Mercury square Jupiter 12:31 AM, new Moon, solar eclipse 3:57 AM 18° Leo Sun quincunx Pluto 7:27 PM, Moon enters Virgo 9:58 PM.

Sunday, August 12: Self and home-improvement projects abound as the industrious Virgo Moon trines Saturn and Uranus; catch up on old chores both personal and practical. Just don’t rush, and measure twice before cutting. Watch the great advice to family members, let’s keep that wonderful knowledge of how things could be better to ourselves unless we’re asked. Will want to analyze our world, chew over the politics of the day, but let’s see if we can keep the discussion solution focused, and not a place to attack one another. Evening fades off into the dream world, let’s not ask ourselves to deal with the world as the Moon opposes Neptune, but deal with our dreams, with a good book or movie, with our prayers.

Moon trine Uranus 2:04 AM, Moon trine Saturn 2:51 AM, Mars enters Capricorn 8:13 PM, Moon sex tile Pluto 10:08 PM, Moon opposed Neptune 11:24 PM.

Monday: August 13: Keep ambitions small, the goals close to home, and get grounded as the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and Mars. Deal with a hidden problem, whether it is underneath the house, hidden under furniture or in the back of the psyche. As the moon enters Libra, stop looking for the problems and start looking for what’s lovely.

Moon trine Pluto 5:11 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:37 PM, Moon enters Libra 10:56 PM.

Tuesday, August 14: To be nice and kind, to be diplomatic and help another under duress, does not necessarily mean being untruthful to ourselves. There is no need to obfuscate our opinions, but it’s a good time to take a chance to reach across a personal or political divide. Just extend the hand of kindness, it could bear real fruit as the Libra Moon conjuncts Venus and squares Saturn.

Moon square Saturn 3:55 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 12:05 PM, Moon sextile Mercury 8:08 PM. Moon square Pluto 7:51 AM, Moon sextile the Sun 2:21 PM.

Wednesday, August 15: The mood can be sociable and pleasant on the surface, with rumblings underneath. Listen to hints, it may be hard to put our intuitive hints into proportion this morning. We may intuit a huge problem and it’s only a blip, or think it’s a blip and when it’s the tip of the iceberg. Don’t jump to conclusion, just notice impressions; be kind and prepared as the Libra Moon squares Pluto.

Moon square Pluto 7:51 AM, Moon sextile Sun 2:21 PM.

Thursday, August 16:  The stars encourage us to be publicly outgoing and privately introspective. We may feel unsettled and stubborn as Moon enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus, which makes it hard to solve a problem once it’s begun. Something unsettling can occur this morning, it may be hard for to solve a problem once it’s begun because people set their jaws and stick to their guns. Back off and reduce pressure and anxiety if push comes to shove. It is not a victory to push or shove, but it is to find a way through where all involved are happy. Compete for that point.

Moon square Mars 1:55 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 2:54 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 7:27 AM, Moon sex tile Saturn 8:06 AM.








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