Starcodes August 17, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes August 17, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


This week can rumble in like a grumpy lion and out like a cavorting mountain goat. The planets ask us to hold still, bask in the summer, dream about the future- but not get pushy and make try to make things happen -through this weekend. The pacing is slow, moody, if occasionally discombobulated as Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde. By the end of the week, though, mental Mercury appears to pick up speed, the Sun enters industrious Virgo, trines speedy Uranus and steady Saturn, and we’re ready to roll.

A beautiful Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio can take us on that emotional roller coaster Friday night. That Scorpio Moon can pull us deep into introspection, deeper into the solitude of our personal psychic caves, just as Venus in Libra encourages us to want more attention and connection. This can be a tough combination. So, if the people we love act distracted, let’s not take it personally. Instead, count on the historic strength of the connection and patiently wait a few days.

Through the weekend we can feel like we’re spinning in circles, chores may take more time and more effort than we thought, nothing works the way we thought it was going to, and all that can leave us twitchy. It will help if we can relax, go with the flow, and schedule in more time.

A friendly Sagittarius Moon and a pleasant sextile between Mercury and Venus on Saturday and Sunday can help us kind of stay more socially acceptable and connected over this somewhat rocky weekend. Mercury turns direct late on Saturday night, we can spend the rest of the week renewing, straightening out communications, and getting the ball rolling.

Monday night the Moon enters Capricorn for the next few days, conjuncts Saturn and Pluto, and can really make us want to throw ourselves into work. Make overtures and start making decisions, but keep the pace slow, careful, and exploratory. When the Sun enters Virgo on Wednesday night we begin the work season. If we’re still on vacation, we still may need to make phone calls or bring out our notes and begin and think about the future.

This whole week is a good time to let our minds wander down the far halls of our imagination, encouraged by an expansive, intuitive Jupiter-Neptune trine, (Dec 2017-now) the third and last pass for this cycle.  It makes water look good; swimming or paddling in a stream can really shift the mood. But this trine can also increase weather extremes of drought and rain. It’s an important time for us to imagine what our world will be like if we stay on this same ecological trajectory.  But because our imagination is so good- people whose imagination tends to bleeds into their reality may have trouble telling where the facts began and their wishful thinking ends, invoking or exposing a rash of truly fake news. But our illusions could be shaken by a splash of cold water later in the week.

Mars has retrograded back into Capricorn and grows close to Pluto stirring our ambitions. While this can help us make plans for the fall, it can also leave us spinning our wheels, frustrated because it is not time to act until the end of the week, unless we use the mood to rest up and prepare, and get small chores that need to be completed, out of the way, clearing the decks for our fall intensive. But this line up could reveal new evidence about motivation, ambitions, machinations behind the political machines. Mars in Capricorn supports the hard work going into fighting fires, but it also suggests that these and other truly tough challenges intensify as Mars backs up to join Pluto over the next few weeks. All support to the firefighters, the peacekeepers, the emergency crews worldwide.

Friday, August 17: Moody and hopeful, this is a good day for personal introspection or investigative exploring, hardworking but slow, and our minds can feel stuck in a rut. Don’t trust the story if the mood swings midafternoon, just let the feelings flow. Because there may be an urge to lash out, make an extra effort to be kind. A kind work about another’s efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Moon square Mercury 12:18 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 7:05 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:32 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 2:11 PM.

 Saturday, August 18: A fresh burst of optimism can collide with a difficulty in getting anything done. Be cheerful on the merry-go-round. The less urgent our schedule, the more we’ll enjoy the day as the Moon enters upbeat and restless Sagittarius, and Mercury turns direct tonight. Puttering furthers, and so does a long walk in the woods. Our attention is drawn to the environment, its joys and woes.

Moon square Sun 1:48 AM, Moon sex tile Mars 9:06 AM, Mercury sextile Venus 9:34 AM, Moon enter Sagittarius 10:44 AM, Mercury stations direct 10:24 PM.

Sunday, August 19: Enjoy the urge to take a short trip, to get moving, just know that progress is still slow, everything may take a while, and we need to repair problems and snafus that accrued the week before. Honesty and sense of humor, sprinkled with patience will make all the difference. Encourage an important conversation about the welfare of the wild lands. Shared dreams about the next step, it’s not quite time to get started, but the plans start to form.

Jupiter trine Neptune 1:44 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:13 AM, Moon sex tile Venus 11:13 AM, Moon square Neptune 5:11 PM.

Monday, August 20: Our rhythm may still be staccato, but there is great potential for moods improving. People need to unwind, catch up, straighten things out, get on the same page, and explore unexpected possibilities. Make room for spontaneity. Conversation shifts tonight as the Moon enters Capricorn and grows more serious, keep that sense of humor nearby.

Moon trine Sun 5:46 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 10 PM.

Tuesday, August 21: Make a plan and carry it through, but work around obstreperous people rather than kick them out of the way. Watch out for those with less scruples as the Capricorn Moon conjunct Saturn and the Sun forms a challenging aspect to Mars, because these can be managerial or manipulative aspects. it furthers to have a project to work on, a place to go, steps to take, a hike with the specific goal in mind.

Moon trine Uranus 3:01 AM, Moon conjunct Saturn 3:33 AM, Sun quincunx Mars 4:51 PM.

Wednesday, August 22: We want to see substantial steps taken in a good direction today as the competent Capricorn Moon conjuncts Pluto, or else we can feel discouraged. We’ll rest better and enjoy the last day of Sun in Leo if we do a chunk of work towards our long-term goals or have substantial conversations. Artistic difficulties or emotional misunderstandings are possible as Venus quincunx Neptune, as a desire for connection can clash with our work mode, but any tension is a misalignment of needs, and lot a lack of love. New thoughtfulness arises late tonight as the Sun enters Virgo.

Moon square Venus 4:36 AM, Moon sex tile Neptune 5:26 AM, Moon sex tile Jupiter 6:20 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 12:45 PM, Venus quincunx Neptune 3:09 PM, Sun enters Virgo 10:08 PM.

Thursday, August 23: We may need to deal with a dash of emotional volatility this morning, people can get both critical and touchy as the Capricorn Moon conjuncts Mars. Midday, that volatility can calm down and collaboration become easier as the Moon enters friendly Aquarius, though people may feel oddly distant or abstracted as they work on regaining their personal equilibrium.

Venus semi-sextile Jupiter 6:03 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 8:18 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 10:55 AM, Moon squares Uranus 3:54 PM.







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