Starcodes Aug 24, 2018  Heather Roan Robbins

With the Sun now in industrious Virgo the smell of back-to-school supplies mixes with wafts of roasting green chili and ripening apples, serenaded by haunting sounds of migrating geese with political intrigue grumbling in the background. This week it is important to continue to straighten out problems, expose what’s been hidden, and gather up the threads needed to organize for the fall.

As the weekend begins, a pleasant, sociable but somewhat detached Aquarius Moon encourages us to connect with our people and share what we did on our summer vacation so we can reweave connection.  A grand trine formed by the sun, Saturn, and Uranus in practical earth signs throughout the weekend encourages us to both enjoy our projects of the moment, and put strategic pieces into motion for our fall goals.

Sunday turns up the volume on our feelings, we need to catch up with ourselves and make it safe to be sensitive as the Moon waxes full in intuitive Pisces while Venus, the emotional arbiter, squares difficult Pluto. Some event may trigger our awareness that loss is always possible, and that every minute is precious.  We can be so empathic, or so psychically leaky, that we feel with the whole globe, not just those nearby. Let’s be really nice to one another and give each one room to do the emotional processing, not test or push one another even when we’re looking for reassurance.

That emotional resonance continues on Monday, though we may see more action and some emotional turbulence as Mars, now seriously out of bounds (out of the sun’s path) turns direct after a long retrograde. We may see a kick forward both of wonderful new plans, but also realize what’s really been bothering people for the last couple of months. Plots thicken and are revealed. Problems are uncovered. People need to vent, so let’s figure out a way to do so safely. Clear the air, and direct any energy that arises towards a better future.

On Tuesday, the Moon enters proactive Aries and our plans launch forward. Were ready to take a more aggressive stance around important issues.  We want to get busy, can be impatiently irritable, but our more willing to take risks to improve our situation.

Friday, August 24: Although one-on-one intimacy may feel weak or strained, this is generally a good day to have collective fun, reconnect, communicate, and find out what’s going on in the world. Watch for an emotional trigger that can complicate communication midafternoon as the Moon opposes Mercury, and find a way to celebrate collectively, to have a dinner party, or shared event tonight as the Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter and trines Venus.

Moon opposed Mercury 2:27 PM, Moon squared Jupiter 7:55 PM, Moon trine Venus 10:38 PM.

Saturday, August 25: We get many green lights today as the Sun, Saturn, and Uranus form a grand trine. Think about what needs to be built in the future, and get started. Notice the building blocks going into place and come to know other people’s intentions. Since these building blocks are solid grounds to build upon, let’s make them good ones made with love and creativity, not animosity. Talk about what is wanted, needed, and exciting in the future. Feelings get touchier as the evening progresses and the Moon enters Pisces.

Sun trine Uranus 10:37 AM, Sun trine Saturn 4:07 PM, Moon enters Pisces 11:32 PM.

Sunday, August 26: We get all the feels. As the Moon waxes full in sensitive Pisces and Venus squares Pluto we are psychically permeable, and may need to process both our own emotions and those of the collective experience. Some event, in our own life or in the headlines, may trigger an awareness of the fragility of life and the preciousness of every moment. We are processing so many feelings internally that we may not be able to hear one another in a conscious way. Deal with the backlog of emotional responses and just take a deep breath.

Moon sextile Uranus 4:21 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 4:48 AM, Moon opposed the Sun 5:56 AM, Venus square Pluto 1:20 PM, Mercury quincunx Neptune 6:29 PM.

Monday, August 27: We’re still sensitive, and so may be wary about the future. As Mars turns direct after a long retrograde, we may feel some energetic turbulence and get fresh evidence about what people have been mulling upon for better or worse. Mechanical snafus, shifts in foundations and infrastructure. After this turning point we have the green light to proceed. Get ready to launch.

Moon opposed Neptune 6:03 AM, Mars turns direct 8:04 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:25 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:13 PM, Mercury square Jupiter 11:31 PM.

Tuesday, August 28: The moon enters Aries and we want to dig our teeth into him work we choose, not work that is chosen for us. An entrepreneurial spirit kicks in, helping us get ready to boldly go where we have not been in a while. Just watch for cranky impatience with any blocks or delays, though the situation is probably more complicated than we’d like. Avoid shortcuts, as it will only take longer as Moon squares Saturn.

Moon sextile Mars 7:54 AM, Moon enters Aries 10:35 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:36 PM.

Wednesday, August 29: Keep the mind constructively busy to prevent brooding as Mercury quincunx Pluto. It’s easy to look ahead and see only the worst- what could go wrong, what feels overwhelming. Instead, look underneath; use the mental energy to find the root cause, find the pivot point, or research and dig for solutions. Although this is a proactive week, today, stay in the moment and notice what needs to be weeded or cut to create more room for the future. Just be careful of cutting remarks.

Mercury quincunx Pluto 9:39 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:53 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:02 PM.

Thursday, August 30: This can be a socially edgy day as the Aries Moon opposes Venus and squares Mars. People tend to square off, the Venus and the in Libra once friendly love, Mars in Capricorn needs to get the work done, and the Moon in Aries is just impatient about the whole thing. The energy shifts tonight as the Moon enters Taurus, comfort and stability are more appreciated. Feed the senses tonight to calm the nervous system and turn that search towards what creates contentment.

Moon opposed Venus 4:56 AM, Moon square Mars 5:03 PM, Moon enters Taurus 7:30 PM, Moon conjunct’s Uranus 11:50 PM.





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