Starcodes August 31, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes August 31, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Labor Day weekend begins under an earthy Taurus Moon and encourages us to return to the familiar places and people and slow down and feel the moment. Enjoy one another’s company. Savor juices of just-harvested fruit and fresh-picked corn, the aroma of freshly roasted green chilis, explore arts and crafts festivals. Enjoy that last taste of summer lemonade before the season of industry kicks in.

The conversation picks up on the second half of the weekend; Sunday through Monday the Moon shifts into communicative Gemini while Mercury, now in sociable Leo, sextiles Venus in Libra and helps us meet, greet, and create connections of all types. It furthers to get out and about, take short trips and engage conversations that roam far rather than deep.

This weekend is a pivot point. We’re all expected back at our desks, ready to roll into autumn’s work on Tuesday. But just as we’re supposed to dive in, the Moon enters proactive but self-protective Cancer and can bring out a more diffident, reserved, even shy, edge. Kids just heading back to school need extra encouragement. It helps us to have schedules, responsibilities, things that we can follow through intellectually, without taking great social risk until later in the week.

But to help us make this change from summer lethargy to fall industry, the sun, Uranus, and Saturn have just formed a grand trine in Earth signs, Mercury will next week; these trines lean on us to assess how we manage our personal responsibilities and nudge us to do a better job. As the week progresses we’ll be supported in this fresh wave of industriousness as Mercury enters intelligent, nervy Virgo and as Saturn, the arbiter of business, turns direct after a long retrograde.

But the social life warms up on Thursday as the Moon heads into more outgoing, confidence-encouraging Leo. Mercury enters its own intellectual sign of Virgo to wake up our mind up for the year ahead but can also add a self-conscious tone. We need to support one another and go very lightly on the criticism, because we can assume most people are correcting themselves. Saturn also turns direct after a long retrograde on Thursday, and we can expect some hiccups in the chain of command. We’ll want to know who’s on first, what’s next, and to believe in the competence of anybody who has power over us. And will be highly critical when we don’t believe this is the case.

It’s wise for teachers and anyone who holds responsibility over others to keep a strong hand on the reins of the horse as the fall begins, not be a bully or misuse it power, but instead practice the mountain pose, the idea that our center of gravity is way below the surface and we cannot be easily knocked over. Be grounded and strong, not aggressive. Don’t take other people’s jostling for control personally, it’s more to test to see where we stand in the dog pack, but people will fill any voids in the power structures.

Friday, August 31: Don’t rush anyone under the steady Taurus Moon. Give the people the room to pace themselves and respect the process. But do take a pragmatic step forward as the Sun, Moon, and Saturn form a grand trine in Earth signs, and put a step forward towards future ambitions. Will need to rest over the weekend, but that will be easier if we feel like we’ve put building blocks into a good place first. This is particularly important if we’re in a competitive field, we don’t want to let others take hour space because they got there first, so let’s mark our territory with our intentions. Tonight, slow down and get comfortable.

Moon trine Saturn 12:16 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:41 AM, Sun semi-square Venus 2:09 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 11:32 PM.

Saturday, September 1: It’s a good day to take off. The Moon squares Mercury and trines Pluto, so though we may want to make major home improvements, we could really have trouble getting our feelings and thoughts heading in the same direction. People want to talk, but don’t want to be poked and will share revelations if we work side-by-side more than they will if we try to pry them open. After some early afternoon communication glitches, the evening has more enthusiasm and camaraderie, with a dash of impatience as the Moon trines Mars.

Moon the opposed Jupiter 3:05 AM, Moon trine Pluto 6:15 AM: Moon square Mercury 1:07 PM: Moon trine Mars 11:56 PM.

Sunday, September 2: Our curiosity is up but our attention span may be short. It furthers to putter between different short projects or events, buzz through a crafts Festival or write short stories; do anything that uses the mind, weaves connection, yet doesn’t ask us to focus for long periods of time. A flirtatious buzz in the air allows us to make new friends and broaden our social horizons. It can be tempting to build friendships by critiquing together, but try and keep that critique focused on the world at large and not on gossip.

Moon enters Gemini 2:01 AM, Moon sextiles Chiron 3:52 AM, Moon square Sun 8:37 PM.

Monday, September 3: Spin old stories or live new ones as Mercury in Leo sextiles Venus. It’s a day to create memories that can keep us warm by the fire in the winter. It furthers for us to bring our attention to gratitude, what do we have to be grateful for, what’s working in our life, but stay in the present moment with that knowledge, because our vision may be gilded and not see the future clearly. Changes are afoot and now is the time to collect our resources and build the network, rather than take a step forward.

Moon square Neptune 4:41 AM, Mercury sextile Venus 6:58 AM, Moon trine Venus 11:26 PM.

Tuesday, September 4: We may not be quite ready to dive in on this first day after Labor Day, the Cancer Moon opposes responsible Saturn brings us to more domestic thoughts, the bed may seem extra cozy and family issues may be on our mind. But it’s a good day to come to terms with responsibility for our self. Be extra patient with kids heading to the first day of school. It helps to have specific things to do, responsibilities to attend; don’t people to make friends before they’re ready. Be kind to people who may be feeling guarded.

Moon sextile Mercury 12:37 AM, Moon enters Cancer 6:03 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:51 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 10:21 AM.

Wednesday, September 5: We can feel cranky and guarded as Mars challenges Mercury right before Mercury enters Virgo tonight. Self-consciousness can lead people to notice everything that’s wrong. So, if we have trouble remembering anything that’s right, it can help to find the small details that are working, and build from there. Watch any litany of self-criticism; note specific behavior to fix and let the rest go. If we feel anxiety or worries rising, notice that the circumstances haven’t changed, but our awareness has revved up.

Moon sextile Sun 3:30 AM, Moon trine Neptune 7:26 AM, Mercury quincunx Mars 9:18 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:54 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 1:41 PM, Mercury enters Virgo 8:38 PM.

Thursday, September 6: Make social and professional overtures as the moon enters Leo and Saturn turns direct. We have more room to move forward. Make new friends. Our minds are hungry and want to engage, and finally, although still a tad self-conscious overtures become easier. Announce changes, send out newsletters, and update websites.

Moon square Venus 4:19 AM, Saturn turns direct 5:08 AM, Moon opposes Mars 6:42 AM, Moon enters Leo 7:54 AM, Moon square Uranus 11:29 AM.











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