Starcodes  September 28, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes  September 28, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Autumnal beauty strikes that breathtaking balance between golden leaves, glowing red Rowan berries, and that ephemeral ebbing of life from the green world, slowly going to sleep in a blaze of glory, releasing this year to rest up for rebirth. This week the Sun and Mercury in Libra support our perception of that poignant beauty and encourage generally friendly interactions. But underneath that friendliness, Venus in Scorpio reminds us of the certainty of winter, encourages us to get passionately serious, and underlines consequence. Here she invokes payback, karmic response to our best and worst events.

Venus is not comfortable in Scorpio because she rules Taurus, the sign opposite. Over the last week Venus in Scorpio stirred up some intense information and primal emotions as it opposed unsettling Uranus and squared militant Mars. Women brought out secrets that complicate the ongoing Supreme Court nomination while hurricane Florence flushed out swamps and cesspools and Maryland dealt with a rare female mass murderer.

This week she moves into an easier, but no more forgiving, trine with Neptune followed a conjunction to liberating Jupiter next week, and asks what we can do with all of us. This can bring in upwelling of emotions of all kinds, heating up all our passions and activating the collective Anima. Our creative Muse may demand time even in our busy work week. Our need for romance and connection compete with our need for solitude, but can take on and almost passive-aggressive resistance; it can be easier to complain about being alone than to admit that we need our time alone or to take the emotional risks needed to connect. We may just have a strong emotional reaction to anything and everything.

Pluto turns direct over on Sunday after a long retrograde and adds impetus to this to the surfacing of old information in a way that challenges power. It can just stir up some power struggles amongst the rest of us, so if we feel that tug on our third chakra to tangle, let’s think carefully to make sure that we use our power in a good way.

Venus is about to turn retrograde and back over all of these aspects, the supportive and the challenging ones, twice more between now and the new year, so the issues she raised in the news and in our lives are not easily going back to sleep. Many people have felt triggered by the public discussion of sexual abuse, and these aspects can give us a chance to get out some old splinters and deepen our personal healing. Let’s take it seriously if we are triggered and use this time to heal, both personally and in the culture.  If we do not feel hopeful about the healing trajectory, Venus in Scorpio prompts great rage. Watch out.

On Friday at Taurus Moon can help us stay steady and strong to finish up the week’s work, then get cuddly and feed the senses in the evening. over the weekend a Gemini Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and the Sun in communicative, nervy air signs, so birds fly south and the conversation percolates. It’s good time to put our issues on the table and talk until we work it out. Late on Sunday, though, some turbulence can show up as Pluto turns direct. Let’s be kind with one another as the depths of psyche gets stirred and are old ghosts can walk with us.

Next week begins thoughtfully, with scudding moody clouds; tough news or tough decisions need to be dealt with as the Moon enters tender, self-protective Cancer. A truly challenging Mercury-Pluto square on Tuesday asks us to look at worst-case scenarios, not because they are true, but because we need to take them into consideration. Decisions will be made and not everyone will be happy. Depression or frustration can nip at our heels, headline news can trigger old wounds. Transportation or negotiation problems roll. Avoid making dramatic proclamations that throw oil on a fire. Our moods can lighten and prepare for action and a better storyline as the Moon enters Leo on Wednesday and opposes Mars.

Friday, September 28: We’d all like the world to feel more stable, though don’t necessarily agree on what that would look like. Ordinary daily chores can add a helpful heartbeat. Use the relatively steady solid Taurus Moon energy to encourage cooperation and complete work, but expect people to be entrenched in their opinions. Seek answers to a puzzle as the Moon trines Pluto late morning, then look for a way to finish, delegate, or release this afternoon; clear the plate as the Moon opposes Jupiter. We all need more room. Offer and receive comfort tonight under as the Taurus Moon turns void of course.

Moon sextile Neptune 3:42 AM, Moon trine Pluto 11:20 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 4:36 PM.

Saturday, September 29: This is a talkative, active, cross-pollinating sort of day as the Gemini Moon forms a grand trine with Mars and the Sun late this afternoon. We may have trouble concentrating on one project at a time, but can multitask like crazy, move between our projects and have a good talk while we work. Farmers markets and other gatherings further. Our minds buzz late into the night, sleep may be futile fugitive so we might as well engage.

Moon enters Gemini 7:25 AM, Moon trine Mars 5:15 PM, Moon trine Sun 7:33 PM, Sun semi-square Jupiter 9:10 PM.

Sunday, September 30: The energy buzzes, but we may feel more disjointed and wander as the Moon squares dreamy Neptune and trines verbal Mercury this morning. Our productivity then wanders, so it will take extra willpower to complete, but is a good day for taking a Sabbath and letting the mind meander away. Conversations can spin around, develop a philosophical bent, but not get to the point.

Moon square Neptune 8:58 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:37 AM, Pluto turns direct 8:03 PM.

Monday, October 1: the next couple of days can be crabby. Instead of dueling with our defenses, let’s take what anybody says with a grain of salt, wonder what there, it has to say about their mentality and consider the comment rather than reject it or sulk about it. Be careful let’s be careful what we say, quit and question the usefulness of any negative feedback. A problem may get began today and take a day or two to complete, so hang in there with patience, and look for a win-win solution.

Moon enters Cancer 12 PM, Moon sextiles Uranus 2:28 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 5:18 PM.

Tuesday, October 2: Depression or frustration can nip at our heels, headline news can trigger our old wounds as Mercury squares Pluto and opposes the moon. Let’s hear what we can, get out the old shrapnel, and turn discomfort into fuel for own concentration and activism. Be careful what conversations are started, proceed with compassion and aware in and deal with the ghosts in the room. If sadness goes through, give it a hug but let it flow and compost. All emotions tend to overflow as the Moon trines Venus and Neptune in water signs, bisected by an opposition between the Moon and Pluto. Watch out for water damage, floods.

Moon square Sun 3:45 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:18 AM, Moon trine Neptune 12:46 PM, Mercury square Pluto 6:03 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:09 PM, Moon square Mercury 8:26 PM.

Wednesday, October 3: We may have a more upbeat view of recent troubles, more hope or creativity to solve the problem as the Moon trines Jupiter then enters Leo midday. Evening brings brief irritation, a restlessness and potential conflict of needs; it’s not that other people don’t understand our needs, it’s just that it’s hard to get out of ourselves at the moment. But we can be loving, set a good example, and take care of ourselves.

Moon trine Jupiter 2:33 AM, Moon trine Chiron 2:36 PM, Moon enters Leo 3:12 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:28 PM.

Thursday, October 4: We can be a bit out of sort, with lingering strange dreams or bad news as the Moon squared Uranus and opposed Mars early this morning, but optimism can return quickly if we open our hearts. We can see wonderful signs, if we look for them, of the beneficence of human nature woven through otherwise challenging energies.

Moon opposed Mars 3:30 AM, Moon square Venus 9:21 AM, Moon sextile Sun 10:19 AM.

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