Starcodes October 5, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes October 5, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Let’s check off that chore list this weekend as the waning Moon heads into industrious, nervy Virgo on Friday night and makes powerful, productive aspects. Batten down the gardens for winter, canvas for a candidate or dive into a self-improvement project. Our minds stay busy, our ability to process and critique our world heightens. We have so much to critique at the moment, our debate can really churn up ground. But in the more personal arena, let’s go kindly on ourselves and do our own homework rather than suggesting homework for others.

Early next week the New Moon in Libra ask us to check our life for balance and look at equity and fairness of all we do. Take a good long look at the political situation. Check in on house chores, relationships, working dynamics and talk through what feels out of bounds. Labor, legal negotiations, love and romance all moved to the front burner. Make sure everyone’s feeling heard and comfortable at home and in work relationships. If not, see what needs to be done to improve the situation.

Tuesday night our energy turns inwards and our claws sharpen as Mercury and the Moon joins Venus in Scorpio. Dark humor helps us through, but careful not to hurt anybody just with the snappy comeback. We May suddenly become more introspective, introverted, and reticent to share our tender sides. Flares of primal emotions can complicate eve  ordinary situations.  But as we pull in and grow skeptical, we can keep our hearts quietly open and connected.  Compassion turns the Scorpio energy from selfish to transformative. If we did our interpersonal homework early in the week, we’ll be in good shape and can just use this mood to focus and concentrate.

Now, our lives may be quiet and ordinary, or we may be dealing with some unexpected events are we may be being triggered by events in national news. A series of aspects can make us really moody over the next week, and if we realize that it is our filter, the lens of the moment, and not a permanent truth, we can work with it more comfortably. On Wednesday unsettling and difficult aspects challenge us to stay cool and stay focused on our goals; mental Mercury opposes change-inducing Uranus and can wind up anxiety or bring unexpected news. The war between genders, between our inner anima and animus could entrench as creative Venus squares motivating Mars in stubborn fixed signs, and this square can leave us edgy and ready to rumble. At the end of the week some tough decisions may come to a head as the Sun squares Pluto.

All Venus issues reverberate this month; women’s rights, relationships, and creative process. Keep the art supplies and writing implements handy and find creative ways to vent and process. Venus formed tricky aspects this last month, and today, Friday, Venus retrogrades and begins to back up over them again, starting with that argumentative Venus-Mars square on Wednesday.

Whenever anybody acts strange or with an emotional charge that doesn’t quite fit the present situation, remember there’s a ghost in the room. Give the people room to talk about it. It’s great for them to come up so that we can heal and release, it’s not great to come up and re-wound and do it again. Emotionally charged events can resonate with the past, but also give us a chance to heal those old wounds and manage the problem differently this time.

Friday, October 5: This morning is can be generally positive, though people speak and hyperbole and we may tend to act out as the Leo Moon squares Jupiter. Our critical edge sharpens around tea time, just as we’re getting off work the Moon enters Virgo and forms a grand trine with Saturn and Uranus tonight. Some people will experience at tangible shift. Our critical thinking can make a difference. Have a dinner party and throw out a conversational gambit, and watch the discussion expand. Watch for a tendency to bond by putting somebody down, and see and use that could a capacity to see what is also beautiful in the world. If people are really tired at the end of a long week, back off and don’t expect them to behave.

Moon sextile Mercury 5:19 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:33 AM, Venus retrograde 1:04 PM, Moon enters Virgo 5:19 PM, Moon trine Uranus 7:26 PM, Moon trine Saturn 10:43 PM.

Saturday, October 6: It helps to stay organized today, because otherwise we can spin around in circles. It’s a great day to work through our chores list, but as we can be easily distracted, like a dog chasing squirrels; our attention span can be limited so it’s most efficient to rush around between three projects. Tonight, misunderstandings can bring out our crankiness, but we can drop below the confusion and tap into magic instead as the Moon opposes Neptune.

Moon sextile Venus 11:16 AM, Moon opposed Neptune 5:04 PM.

Sunday, October 7: We want depth this morning as the Moon trines Pluto, so don’t be frivolous; ask good questions and listen with a big heart.  Check in with beloveds who have lots on their plate. Let go of the work and the self-improvement efforts, and nurture relationships as the Moon heads into sociable Libra tonight.

Moon trine Pluto 12:27 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:02 AM, Moon enters Libra 7:09 PM.

Monday, October 8: We can be painfully aware of where our world is out of balance.  Deal with legal questions, negotiate in good faith around relationship issues or equity at work as the Moon squares serious Saturn, trines Mars and conjuncts the Sun tonight. Tonight’s new Moon can begin a fresh cycle in relationships, so think about what to start.

Moon square Saturn 12:47 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:34 AM, Moon conjunct Sun 9:46 PM.

Tuesday, October 9: The new Moon in Libra opens a window for collaboration and negotiation, do it now, because people are less collaborative later on. Make sure everybody feels the work load is equitable, have a good talk and check in with one another now, because tonight we move into a more solitary, serious, introverted mood as Mercury and the Moon enter Scorpio. Consequences fall into place.

Moon square Pluto 2:50 AM, Mercury enters Scorpio 6:40 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 10:09 PM, Moon conjunct’s Mercury 10:35 PM.

Wednesday, October 10: Freedom means we can choose what we want to obsess upon rather than waste our energy just by being triggered by another as Venus squares Mars and Mercury opposes Uranus. Unexpected information or taut nerves create tension but can also crack open our stubbornness; let’s open our minds and choose our fights carefully. Take any news with a grain of salt, it’s only part of the story.

Moon opposed Uranus 12:05 AM, Moon sextile Saturn for 11 AM, Mercury opposed Uranus 11:35 AM, Moon square Mars 4:02 PM, Moon conjunct Venus 4:15 PM, Venus square Mars 8:29 PM, Moon trine Neptune 11:11 PM.

Thursday, October 11: Emotional passions run strong and deep, not showy. Be careful not to jump to conclusions; a problem or confrontation may seem like it’s d settled, but has just shifted gears. Take time alone but do not isolate, the dragons are swirling in the back of our psyches. Be deep, real, kind, authentic with one another.

Moon sextile Pluto 7:23 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:12 PM, Sun square Pluto 10:10 PM.





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