Starcodes October 12, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes October 12, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


Our challenge is clearly laid out, now it’s time for us to do something about. Recent astrological transits have stirred the coals for many people and clarified what is the next challenge. These planetary positions poked old arguments, brought old friends and exes to mind and inbox, made us walk back over political territory we thought had already been covered, and made clear where minefields, planted long before, still affect our daily life. Venus, now uncomfortably in Scorpio, squared litigious Mars, turned retrograde and squared Mars again. She stays retrograde for another month, so these portals from the past aren’t going away anytime soon.

Whether we’re reacting to the recent revisiting of politics of the 1950s or resisting a twist of fate as a family member leaves or chapter closes, or have just recently encountered a body of work we need to tackle, we know what we’re up against. We can bond with one another easily if we’re fighting the same challenge, but otherwise may not find it easy to make new friends at the moment as the plot thickens.

Now these emotional ghosts stay in the room through the end of October as Venus retrogrades in Scorpio, and continue to sit with us through the middle of November, though a bit more comfortably when Venus retrogrades back into Libra in early November. No matter what we’re wrestling with, let’s not get snagged by the illusion that we are stuck in the past. Instead, let’s ask what can we learn from the past, and what do we need to do differently now.

And there’s a lot we can do this week. Mercury is now in intense Scorpio, a place where it has a long memory, doesn’t forgive or forget easily, and has the focus to do what needs to be done. Mercury is just pulling away from an unsettling opposition to Uranus which brought up wild winds and crazy thinking, but a few powerful new ideas for future change. This week Mercury sextiles sane and hard-working Saturn then conjuncts retrograde Venus and these aspects can support the voice of women, our emotions, and our creative Muse. Since Venus is not a happy camper at the moment, the voice may be quite strident.

As the weekend begins a Sagittarius Moon encourages us to get away from our computers and get out into the sunshine, dive into the heart of autumn and renew our spirits and our health. Find a new level of honesty under this outspoken moon, find someplace to step out of polarized opinions and into a more whole way of living.

The Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn on Sunday afternoon and reminds us to get back to our long-term plans. Don’t slack, it’s time to shake and groove over the next few days. Venus conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio on Monday and sharpens our focus. Let people speak their feelings, don’t take it personally but do hear them out. The emotional charge can be quite strong, let them express, but don’t take it on; as Hagrid said in Harry Potter concerning swallowed slugs, “better out than in”, but the slugs don’t need to land on us.

We may have to do some healing around our impatience and temper, but after we’ve said our piece it will be easier to tackle our challenges head-on and work together in a more comfortable way on Wednesday and Thursday as the Moon enters collective Aquarius and Mars semi-squares Chiron.

Throughout the week, remember that Venus retrograde in Scorpio can ask us to return to creative projects that we started a long time ago and ask us to review them or take a step further. So, get out those old canvases, sketch pads, monologues and manuscripts, and take another look.

Friday, October 12: Use today’s sane and stabilizing Mercury-Saturn sextile to get momentum going on productive action after an unsettling week before.  Start early, doorways open in the morning as the Moon enter Sagittarius. The energy begins to flag and doubts return in the afternoon, and people will need time to first process, and then take a break. Some serious R&R is needed this weekend, starting tonight. Restlessness gives us a taste of wanderlust. Laugh whenever possible, renew and feed what’s beautiful.

Mercury sex tile Saturn 2:19 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 3:52 AM.

Saturday, October 13: A drifting, restless morning, find excuses to get outside if all possible as the Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune and then sextiles the sun. Dogs and kids need some playtime, and so do most adults. It’s good to let our world expand, read about faraway places, look at news we haven’t looked at, wander where we haven’t wandered, and talk to someone whose culture is different from our own. Travel in the soul. And then look back at our own issues from a different direction.

Moon sextile Mars 1:05 AM, Moon square Neptune 6:32 AM, Moon sextile Sun 6:58 PM.

Sunday, October 14: People need to share their truth this morning but the conversation may entrench more into opinion towards noon time as the Moon enters Capricorn. As the day wears on, and the Moon conjuncts Saturn and trines Uranus, our minds come back to work with access to some ingenious new ideas for positive change. Feel the urge to move furniture, shift pieces, and make a tangible difference.

Moon square Chiron 11:39 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 1:16 PM, Moon trine Uranus 3:04 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 8:40 PM. Him

Monday, October 15: We have access to both determination and tact, even eloquence, as Mercury conjunct’s Venus in Scorpio. Maybe we find the words or expressive dance, or some way of expressing our feelings, at least to ourselves. We may be private but aware. After a moment to connect to our feelings, we can put them into action with the competent Capricorn Moon. So, let’s watch what feelings we decide to ask to act upon, because it will have a punch today.

Moon sextile Mercury 5:47 AM, Moon sex tile Venus 7:04 AM, Mercury conjunct Venus 2:20 PM, Moon sex tile Neptune 5:26 PM.

Tuesday, October 16: A Moon-Pluto conjunction this morning can point out a problem and leave us either down, discouraged, or extra determined. We will need extra compassion and patience under stress. It may be hard to tap into our imagination instead of try to muscle our way through t until later in the afternoon. But it is likely that we’ll need a creative, out-of-the-box solution as the Moon sextiles Jupiter around 4 PM, to broaden our options and give our determination some scope.

Moon conjunct Pluto 2:53 AM, Moon square the Sun 12:01 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 3:49 PM.

Wednesday, October 17: Diversity furthers. Let’s look around for support, for strange allies, people whose perspectives and experiences can be very different from our own. Work the groups, contact friends outside of the usual routine as the Moon enters Aquarius and squares both Uranus and Venus. Unusual teams can find the necessary ingenuity necessary. Intimate relationships may feel a bit off because our view is on the larger picture and we may miss clues close to home. We need to keep our hearts open to near ones even if our attention is far away.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:35 AM, Moon square Uranus 3:16 AM, Moon square Venus 5:43 PM.

Thursday, October 18: Morning could be cranky, if more passive-aggressive than active, as the friendly Aquarius Moon squares Mercury and conjuncts Mars. The crowds are restless. Watch the tendency to gloss over anger and turn it into tricky shadow material. Find healthy ways to deal with ambition, desire, and him anger as Mars semi-squares Chiron. We need heroes and bravery, forthright outspokenness without a charge.

Moon square Mercury 3:10 AM, Moon conjunct Mars 5:49 AM, Mars semi-square Chiron 12:14 PM.






, Mars semi-square Chiron.

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