Starcodes October 19, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes October 19, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


“No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” is a line from an old Monty Python skit, and one that we probably all wish was funnier these days. This week, while the mood is generally sane and serious, if easily hot under the collar, a few tricky Uranus aspects can throw us a wildcard. Next Wednesday we have a full Moon in earthy Taurus conjunct with changemaker Uranus, which can wake us up with surprise, shock, or inspiration. So be ready to catch the fly ball and keep an eye on the headlines. But first, the stars give us an opportunity to rest and renew this weekend.

The tough transits of this fall have certainly stirred the political pot and left many people drained, but this weekend the we get to spend some time with intuitive, dreamlike Neptune and refill the wells. Mercury trines Neptune as the Moon conjuncts Neptune under a drifting and sensitive Pisces Moon. We probably won’t be particularly efficient and anything else, so we might as well play with our imagination and let the dream world heal us. To do so, let’s keep our agenda light, our expectations for busyness low, and make a safe place four our sensitivities. We can feel so permeable under this lineup so it will help to put ourselves in environments that feed us.  We need room to soak up health and let our minds unwind.

Rest well over the weekend because it’s going to be a busy week ahead. The Moon enters dynamic Aries on Monday and asks us to get down to brass tacks. Mercury also make some intense, sane, hard-working and potentially contentious aspects and pushes us to deal with conundrums. On Tuesday the Sun joins Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in focused Scorpio. We develop attitude, defend quickly, will have no patience with trivia and will tend to play our cards close to the chest. As we head into the last laps before the midterm elections, look for focused action, ruthless comments, last-minute Machiavellian twists, and a long memory on the part of the voters.

Every full Moon highlights some internal tension. Tuesday’s full Moon in Taurus highlights the tension between the Taurus need for comfort, safety, and security, and the Scorpio’s calls to transform, get to the bottom of things, get difficult, get even, to be pointed and explore mysteries. As the full Moon conjuncts chaotic Uranus, anything or nothing can happen. But if things start to get strange or tense, that’s our signal to take a deep breath and find our place of calm, remember where we’re going and keep our eyes on the prize.

This lineup in Scorpio can either fuel or tweak relationships, so stay aware of the underground currents. Scorpio brings in intensity and focus. If we are alone, this can be a really productive time to get on with our work. If we feel safe within a relationship, this Scorpio line-up can fan the fires of love and passion in connection. If we don’t feel really safe, or if we go on automatic, we can shift into our solitary mindset and do everything on our own rather than in partnership, which can be taxing on a relationship. This Scorpio stellium can also bring out a possessive and territorial streak, a desire to stir the dark and tough energies of love for the sake of intensity and drama, passion without vulnerability. Stay aware and work with it as this energy as consciously as possible.

We now have five planets in fixed signs (those four Scorpio planets above, and Mars in Aquarius) and a fixed sign full Moon coming. The heart of stubbornness, this fixed sign energy channels mules.  Right now, if we want to change someone’s mind about either their politics or more personal issues, there is no point in pushing them, as they’ll only dig in their heels. What will help is to blow their mind with shocking info, or even better, hook their curiosity. Develop a mystery, dare them to explore an option. Or broach some shocking new information that shifts the perspective and takes it out of a win-lose scenario.

Friday, October 19: Political debates abound this morning, the mood is intuitive but impatient as Mercury trines perceptive Neptune and squares active Mars. These aspects can either help us perceive what needs to be done and make a surgical move or we can misunderstand and act or speak abruptly without thinking it through; it’s up to us to figure out what’s really going on. As the Moon heads into Pisces midafternoon we grow more sensitive and feel the toll of the busy week. Minds wander well before the end of the workday.

Mercury trine Neptune 3:46 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:45 AM, Moon trine Sun 6:27 AM, Mercury square Mars 11:23 AM, Moon enters Pisces 2:20 PM, Moon sextiles Uranus 3:47 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 10:25 PM.

Saturday, October 20: Drift and dream as the Pisces Moon trines Venus and conjuncts Neptune. Recover from a sense of overwhelm with a chance to unwind the soul. This Pisces Moon can imbue us with an unusually good color sense and aesthetic taste, but our awareness of time and budget could be way off. People need time to wander in the inner worlds, they may be sensitive to any slights but accidentally a little oblivious of others feelings because their inner world can be so loud.

Moon trine Venus 3:43 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 6:06 PM, Moon trine Mercury 11:14 PM.

Sunday, October 21: We are permeable and easily absorb our surroundings, so let’s be careful where we put ourselves. A Moon -Jupiter trine encourages us to look for opportunities and fan any flame of hope and gratitude this afternoon. It will be good medicine for all involved. Rest up for a busy week ahead.

Moon sextile Pluto 3:32 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:47 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 10:50 PM.

Monday, October 22: Crank up the volume. The Moon enters Aries this morning, squares Saturn, and asks us to get down to business. Our curiosity and willpower are strong, we want to get to the point and understand the mystery as Mercury sextiles Pluto. Investigate rather than worry, speak up rather than get pushy. Give people extra room for their opinions.

Moon enters Aries at 12:58 AM, Moon square Saturn 8:58 AM, Mercury sextile Pluto 1:13 PM, Mercury semi-square Saturn 7:49 PM.

Tuesday, October 23: On this high octane, abrupt day we can feel pushed into making decisive action, but need to take a deep breath and think it through. Our first reaction can be volatile, reactive, rather than calm and steady. The Sun enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus, and both the Sun and Moon are in Mars-ruled signs. Expect the unexpected and stay as grounded and centered as possible.  Be decisive; don’t give orders, just be clear. If we need to break a habit or break away from a difficult situation, this is a good day to put our plans into action.

Sun enters Scorpio 5:22 AM, Moon sex tile Mars 7:57 AM, Moon square Pluto 12:17 PM, the Sun opposes Uranus 6:46 PM.

Wednesday, October 24: We dig in our heels under today’s full Taurus Moon, so work with curiosity instead of willfulness. Fights started today will linger, so choose battles carefully. Old friends and old solutions, traditional aesthetics can help us deal with the unexpected and handle tough decisions as Venus sextile Saturn.

Venus sextile Saturn 6:51 AM, Moon enters Taurus 8:33 AM, Moon conjuncts Uranus 9:30 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 10:45 AM, Moon opposes Venus 3:59 PM, Moon trine Saturn 4:27 PM.

Thursday, October 25: The energy level drops, we need endurance rather than count on enthusiasm. If we feel a need to prove our point midafternoon as the Moon squares Mars, let’s ask if it’s really necessary. Follow through on yesterday’s events, clean up the mess and investigate surprising great ideas. Just take a second look do a feasibility study before building momentum.

Moon sextile Neptune 9:29 AM, Moon square Mars 4:17 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:15 PM.






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