Starcodes October 26, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes October 26, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) It won’t be just Halloween skeletons that come out to dance this week. As the weekend begins, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and Jupiter are all in stubborn Scorpio, the sign of the private investigator which encourages introspection on one side, and suspicious investigation on the other. Perfect for ferreting out bombers and uncovering hidden skeletons. Verbal Mercury then enters outspoken Sagittarius on Tuesday, which can liberate our mind, relieve some of the mental heaviness and bring hidden material out onto the table for discussion. Mercury in Sagittarius encourages people to say it like it is, and can help us step out of a particularly stubborn month and open minds just in time for the election.

But today we begin a new astrological cycle as the Sun conjuncts Venus in Scorpio before the weekend begins and seeds a new cycle of emotions, collaboration, and creative process. From the depths of our feelings something begins to gestate. Venus then opposes change-inducing Uranus and suggests that women and the arts, and all things Venusian, can make a difference. As the seed is planted in Scorpio, it will grow roots up from our long-term memories. Be careful of anyone’s old scar tissue, or what gets hatched may be retribution for old pain. Which may have an interesting effect on the midterm elections.

On Friday night the Moon enters verbal Gemini for a talkative, nervy, interesting and occasionally funny weekend. Pointed Scorpionic humor can help relieve tension, but just watch who get skewered. A competent Sun-Saturn conjunction on Saturday can help us get personal projects done and can bring a sane note to political debates. The Moon enters more introverted Cancer on Sunday night, forms a grand trine with the Sun and Venus on one corner, the Neptune on the other which sets off an emotional resonance which impacts our decisions early next week. A wave of introversion and self-protection can leave us guarded and inward, good for personal work but tough for political canvassing. We may feel the collective nerves in our guts.

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct expansive Jupiter on Monday, then enters open-minded Sagittarius on Tuesday, some people may just get distracted at this point as our minds wander. We can make the best of things as they are, or take it as an opportunity to think about liberation and consequence and focus on freedom of speech and freedom of information. People speak up and secrets come out of hiding.

The energy really shifts on Tuesday, it is infused by fire as the Moon enters Leo, Mercury enter Sagittarius, and Venus opposes Uranus which can lead Halloween holidaymakers to act out in the best and worst of ways. We may be ready for some really good Halloween parties. This lineup could also bring out a dark edge, so consider avoiding any roving troops of overgrown scary clowns, but it will add pizzazz to trick-or-treating and a chance for everybody for our alter egos to step out and dance.

Friday, October 26: Echoes of this week’s stubborn opposition ask us to go back to places of tension or confrontation this morning, and engage our heart. Look for clues of a new emotional or creative cycle as the Sun and Venus conjunct, let’s begin projects we want to grow. After lunch it’s time to talk things through as the Moon enters verbal Gemini. A last-minute buzz closes the workweek, answer emails and check phone messages before dinner, watch the news for important new information. Keep an eye on windstorms and strange weather patterns. A need to communicate can keep us up late tonight, even if were just talking to ourselves.

Moon opposed Mercury 2:46 AM, Sun conjunct Venus 8:16 AM, Moon opposed Jupiter 8:48 AM, Moon enters Gemini 1:40 PM.

Saturday, October 27: Spirit and imagination are strong this morning, gossip can fly around noon time as the Gemini Moon squares Neptune; go ahead and process what’s been going on, just keep the heart engaged. Then a breath of serious sanity allows us to get some work done and engage important, productive conversations as the Sun sextile Saturn. Tonight, we’ll want to talk and move rather than sit and him watch as the Moon trines active Mars.

Moon square Neptune 1:47 PM, Sun sextile Saturn 8:51 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:37 PM.

Sunday, October 28: Keep up the conversation this morning, build the dialogue as Mercury connects with expansive Jupiter under a talkative Gemini Moon. What preconception can we release? Then head home by dinner time as the Moon enters Cancer and trines Venus; nestle in as the sudden wave of introversion requires us to return to our most intimate friends and turn inwards turn inwards for self-evaluation

Moon enters Cancer 5:26 PM, Moon sextile Uranus 6:03 PM, Moon trine Venus 8:10 PM.

Monday, October 29: Morning could have a serious or heavy quality as the Moon opposes Saturn. Our emotions can flood, water spills as the Moon in Cancer forms a grand trine with the Sun and Venus in one corner and intuitive Neptune in the other corner. Objectivity is far away, so let’s honor feelings and be honest with the bias it gives us. Through these understandings we have the chance of a powerfully healing conversation as Mercury conjunct Jupiter and they both trine Chiron this evening.

Moon opposed Saturn 1:32 AM, Moon trine Sun 3:33 AM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter 5:04 AM, Moon trine Neptune 5:11 PM, Mercury trine Chiron 7:56 PM.

Tuesday, October 30: Morning can feel heavy as the Moon opposes Pluto, as if some longed-for event will never happen. Feel the heaviness of that mood but know a change is coming in the wind, the mood shifts by evening. Halloween parties begin, a sudden extraversion brings a pizzazz to costumes as the Moon trines Jupiter then enters Leo to night. Mercury enter Sagittarius late tonight and we may feel a breakthrough in our mood or the news.

Moon opposed Pluto 1:52 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 5:31 PM Moon trine Mercury 8:30 PM, Moon enters Leo 8:41 PM, Moon square Uranus 9: 09 PM, Moon square Venus 9:21 PM, Mercury enters Sagittarius 10:38 PM

Wednesday, October 31: Our creativity flows as Venus opposes Uranus then retrogrades back into Libra, we may feel more forgiving on one side and more driven by social justice on the other. Help the world make a change, as Venus opposes Uranus then retrogrades back into Libra, open the heart to unexpected events and help others see something from a fresh perspective, not through opposition, because that won’t work, but by exploration. Speak up. Affection furthers, but be careful of a sudden need to be away from familiar friends or beloveds and start a new spark; make no permanent decisions today, but take a break as needed. Let the sense of aesthetics rip wild tonight and dance the night away.

Venus opposes Uranus 2:44 AM, Moon square Sun 10:40 AM, Venus enters Libra 1:41 PM

Thursday, November 1: Opinions are thick and fast this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, issues around healthcare and healing get a lot of press as Jupiter trines Chiron. Engage in an interesting debate on what would actually help a difficult situation. A more thoughtful and logical approach kicks in tonight as the Moon enters Virgo

Moon opposes Mars 9:22 AM, Jupiter trines Chiron 1:35 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:25 PM, Moon sextile Venus 10:31 PM, Moon enters Virgo 11:47 PM



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