Starcodes Nov 23, 2018  (all times are MST +7:00)

Starcodes Nov 23, 2018  (all times are MST +7:00)


A house full of relatives, verbal Mercury retrograde in frank and restless Sagittarius, attention wandering from too much food, black Friday sales, and a stationary Neptune; what could go wrong?

Let’s keep our sense of humor nearby, keep our schedules stripped-down and make the most out of accidentally outrageous comments and surprise truths this week as that retrograde Mercury conjuncts expansive Jupiter and approaches a square to Mars.  And let the people who want to be quiet, be quiet, and don’t poke them.

Minor Transportation accidents and accidental revelations occur more when we’re flustered or harried, so if we feel that distraction coming on, let’s slow down and breathe deep, pay attention rather than racing ahead. We’re more likely to enjoy this transit if we keep the snafus minor by staying centered and keeping our eyes open.

It can be easy for one person to be strangely frank and tactlessly, or casually impatient, and tread on another’s emotional toes with Mars now in sensitive, passive-aggressive Pisces at odds with a tactless Mercury. But Mars in Pisces can also open our sense of compassion and bring our attention to those who are truly vulnerable, who’ve lost their house in a fire or are starving while walking to our borders. Let’s be careful not to exaggerate our own problems, even if it can be easy to do under Mars in Pisces when we feel overwhelmed. Feel the feelings, tend the wounds, but don’t magnify them or use them as an excuse to not get on with life.

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius can be great for getting old stories out of family, running into an ex at the supermarket, or visiting someplace we’ve been before. Discuss old problems with a fresh and open, un-barbed, approach. Just stay sensitive to the emotional readiness of the others involved.

Venus in friendly and open-hearted Libra opposes unexpected Uranus as the weekend begins, which can help us stir the sparks of an old romantic connection or meet new friends through familiar situations. Bring that spark home to ongoing relationships, both friendships and romances, break routine together for the strength of the relationship. This opposition can give us a strange aesthetic sense, so think twice before of ordering the ugly Christmas sweater, no matter its sale price. But do dig out the art supplies and work on communal projects to entertain the crowds.

This Mercury in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter can pull a spotlight on hidden truth all week long, which could be interesting in this political season. Buried stories get exposed as people speak unguardedly for better or worse. Political decisions made now will probably need to be modified or reversed. if someone makes a sudden declaration to run for office or withdraw from a treaty, it probably won’t happen as stated.

As the weekend begins the mood is talkative if somewhat disjointed, better for wandering outside than wrestling with crowds at the mall. A slight fuzzyheaded feeling and strange weather patterns hold through Saturday as Neptune turns direct after a long retrograde. The Moon enters Cancer late on Saturday and people get more self-protective, may be ready to open up to a deeper layer where they feel safe, or are ready to head home.

Transportation and attitudes both get tricky late Sunday and Monday as Mercury squares Mars. Prioritize safety and don’t leave in a huff. Give people a day to get back and get into the saddle before winding up for work. Tuesday brings an unusual window of opportunity, a relatively generous mood and good communication from Mercury retrograde as the Moon enters Leo and trines the sun, Mercury, and Jupiter. Keep that momentum through Wednesday, follow through on what began yesterday and start refining the edges under the more critical edges Thursday.

Friday, November 23: The mood is scattered, outspoken, with socially awkward moments that can either poke our sensitivities or be hilarious as the talkative Moon opposes Mercury. Our attention span is short, we’re as easily distracted as a toddler, so if a relative goes off on an uncomfortable tangent, just hand them a new toy. A good movie furthers tonight, we need time off as the Moon squares Neptune. Just watch the driving.

Moon opposed Jupiter 2:47 AM, Moon square Mars 10:55 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 1:29 PM, Moon square Neptune 8:21 PM.

Saturday, November 24: Wander, philosophize about spiritual questions as Neptune stations to turn direct, just don’t entrench in opinions and let it become a wedge between beloveds. Keep an eye on sloshed liquids and difficult weather and watch a tendency to over imbibe. As the Moon approaches Cancer tonight, we may want fresh comfort food, not leftovers.  We want to feel safer go home; let the talk deepen but do so with kindness. Check in with people who have suffered recent loss, it may be harder now than over the busy holiday.

Moon trine Venus 6:03 PM, Neptune station direct 6:08 PM, Moon sex tile Uranus 10:31 PM, Moon enters Cancer 11:37 PM.

Sunday, November 25: The morning’s mood is cranky and sentimental as the Moon trines Mars and Neptune. Ambiguous emotions, we may want to go but it’s hard to leave, we feel the stickiness of a heart. If we can regroup and center midday, as the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, we can uncover a new sense of possibility. Driving and tempers fray later on.

Moon trine Mars 9:46 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 11:43 AM, Moon trine Neptune 10:24 PM, Sun conjunct Jupiter 11:33 PM.

Monday, November 26: Think through important decisions this morning, but don’t bother people until they’ve had a chance to reorient post-holiday, have their coffee, and remember where they’re going. No one’s quite ready for the work week to resume. Cranky edges show in domestic issues and politics. Instead of pushing people before their ready, get the ducks in a row for an interesting day tomorrow.

Mercury square Mars 1:05 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 8:06 AM, Moon square Venus 9:15 PM, Moon trine Chiron 10:11 PM.

Tuesday, November 27: Pitch ideas and begin short-term projects as the Leo Moon trines Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, and while Mars sextiles pragmatic Saturn. People see possibilities which may or may not be there, but certainly can open the aperture. Laziness make call us to indulge, but we can use this optimism and temporary ease in communication well.

Moon square Uranus 12:21 AM, Moon enters Leo 1:34 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 2:14 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:41 AM, Moon trine Mercury 9:22 AM, Moon trine Sun 10:38 AM, Mars sex tiles Saturn 2:30 PM, Mercury conjunct Jupiter 3:27 PM.

Wednesday, November 28: Be careful to follow through on this oddly disjointed day, don’t drop the ball on good beginnings. Don’t take other’s odd moods or indecision personally. Prioritize what’s important versus what is a mere irritant or passing desire. check in with teammates often before getting the ball rolling.

No exact aspects.

Thursday, November 29: A day to find tune, edit, refine, repair, and heal as the Moon enters Virgo and make some productive but cranky aspects. After a midday a muddying of the waters which can confuse priorities, take advantage of a productive afternoon. Watch the critical edge where anxiety can come out towards safe family members tonight.

Moon sextile Venus 1:16 AM, Moon trine Uranus 2:46 AM, Moon enters Virgo 4:07 AM, Moon squares Mercury 7:42 AM, Moon squares Jupiter 12:11 PM, Moon the trine Saturn 5:17 PM, Moon square Sun 5:18 PM, Moon opposed Mars 7:18 PM.



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