Starcodes  November 30, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

The Sun appears to act as a volume control on all other astrological events; as it grows active with spots and flares, the volume turns up on earth’s history. When it grows quiet, it’s harder to get political change leveraged, though it is often a time of cultural richness. The Sun cycle is unpredictable, which is frustrating for astrologers, but it usually has a cycle of roughly 11 years from solar minimum, very quiet with few sunspots as it has been recently, through an excited phase, and back to a solar minimum. At solar maximum, the peak of the cycle, solar storms correlate throughout history with times of political restlessness and revolution, cultural and climate change. We search for new answers.

The last solar maximum was predicted to hit in 2010-11 and be one of the strongest on record, and we all felt the surge start at the beginning of the Obama era. But then the Sun unexpectedly slowed down and crested at the lowest solar maximum in a century, though one which still correlated with the passing of the Right to Marry act, and afterwards, the national swing to the right. For the last few years the Sun has been in that relatively placid lake of the solar minimum. When the Sun is quiet, as it is now, we can understand our problems and but we have to work a lot harder to create the momentum to precipitate change. We can keep the fire lit, but it takes a lot of effort.

But right before Thanksgiving we saw the first, albeit brief, flare of the new cycle of solar activity, and this could be good news. If we are to activate quickly enough to aid our ecosystem, to avert true climate disasters, we will really need to build momentum quickly and create a global movement to manifest major change in our short period of time. If the Sun shifts back on schedule, the next maximum should be in about 4 to 6 years. For more information, space weather.com.

But this weekend, the Sun is still relatively quiet, and the planets send us back inside for some personal homework. As Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio and Venus advances into Scorpio, they pull us inwards and ask us to review the woes of the world. We feel deeply, but may not show it. Strong emotions (Scorpio) without clear thinking (Mercury retrograde) can bring up the specter of jealousy and revenge, though Mars in gentle Pisces can make us less likely to act upon it. But Mars in Pisces is approaching a conjunction to Neptune and the archetype of the martyr (Piscean archetype), is strong in the headlines as we look at tear gassed asylum-seekers on our border.

If depression whispers or the world looks tough, it will help to stay in the present moment, rather than project these feelings onto the future.  Scorpio calls us to productive solitude, but that doesn’t mean isolation. Stay connected with one another. Check in with people that drift from the moorings, keep them in the loop and connected.

Friday begins in a relatively upbeat note though a low-level worry or work urgency can nag us. Emotional and creative restlessness as Venus opposes Uranus can make us want to get out of Dodge or experience new venues or relationships, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We may need a break from our beloveds or to take our beloved’s hand and go explore something off the beaten track to redirect this restlessness. This existential dissatisfaction can catalyze good changes, but we just can’t see very far ahead at the moment.

The mood grows darker and more focused as Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio and Venus proceeds forward into Scorpio over the weekend. We may not feel very festive as December begins, and need to pull inside to finish some personal emotional business. Mercury turns direct by the end of the week, reenters upbeat Sagittarius the week after, and our winter ebullience returns, but for now the stars ask us to complete work, process what already has happened, and investigate what’s recently gone wrong. This week’s mood is great for research and therapy, if we have a body of work or a project to attack, now is a time to get down to it and give our obsessive focus a healthy place to go.

Over the weekend, a sociable Libra Moon brings our attention to relationships, but let’s just be careful not to overload our relationship expectations with a certain existential angst which doesn’t belong there. Sunday and Monday, play extra safe as the Sun squares Mars and increases our irritability and accident-prone capabilities. A brooding Scorpio Moon Monday-Wednesday sharpens that focus, sharpens tongues, and could reveal secrets from the past. Introspect rather than blame.

It’s hard to see where we’re going this week, doubts fog our next steps, let’s deal with the problem right in front of us rather than generalize it to the future. The fog of confusion and mishaps can thicken on Wednesday and Thursday as the Mars conjuncts, and the Sun squares, confusing Neptune while Mercury appears to hold still as it prepares to turn direct on Thursday.

Remember all good Mercury retrograde survival skills all this week: confirm all appointments, ask for clarification if someone’s words are confusing or if you have a strong emotional response. Check directions, listen to the tics in the motor, bring a book with you to make use of delays. And if problems compound, let’s stop drop and roll, no, let’s stop, listen, and center down before proceeding, or else the snafus just snowball. Remember Mercury retrograde is wonderful for catching up on our work, reconnecting with old friends, investigating research, repairing problems of the past; it offers a chance to catch up with ourselves and go deep within. Next week we can straighten out residual confusion and build a fresh momentum.

Friday, November 30: The mood is restless, creative, looking for a change as Venus in the last degree of Libra opposes the Uranus. Virgo Moon sharpens our critique and also our anxiety, and make our stomachs a bit sensitive. We can be great editors today but can get a little prickly under the skin. Prioritize connection and put relationships on a good footing to ease the next week’s tricky aspects. Question any sudden emotional decision, take care of the treasures of long-term relationships. Tonight, it furthers to indulge in the arts.

Moon opposed Neptune 3:34 AM, Moon trine Pluto 1:48 PM, Venus opposed Uranus 7:12 PM.

Saturday, December 1: While the Moon is generally positive, our minds may want to perseverate on some old unfinished business or concern. Mercury retrogrades back into suspicious Scorpio under a friendly Moon in Libra. The emotional torque is strong, we can feel buffeted about by internal emotional winds. Some certainty we had before melts, and it’s hard to see where were going. Don’t invest too much in the doubt. Stay in the present moment and tend to what’s right on the plate in front. Any constructive step forward helps.

Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio 4:11 AM, the Moon sextiles Mercury 7:34 AM, the Moon enters Libra 7:48 AM, Moon sextiles Jupiter for 50 6 PM, Moon square Saturn 9:44 PM.

Sunday, December 2: We can have a real chip on our shoulder by the end of the day as Venus enters Scorpio while Mars and the Sun square off. Joints and tempers inflame easily. Because Mars is presently now in Pisces, close to Neptune, aggression can come out passive-aggressive, sideways rather than direct frontal, but it can be no less lethal. Some problem that arose in September or October now needs some work.

Moon sextile Sun 1:30 AM, Venus enters Scorpio 10:01 AM, the Sun squares Mars 5:34 PM, the Moon squares Pluto 6:29 PM.

Monday, December 3: The Moon joins Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, people give side-eye but don’t always tell us what the problem is. A lot is going on behind-the-scenes, misunderstandings or triggered old emotions can really stir the pot, yet it may take us a few weeks to figure out what’s brewing. Where we have a clear goal and work to, do this focus can help us keep to ourselves and get it done. Listen for difficult news that will in the long run be healing as Mercury trines Chiron.

Moon opposes Uranus 11:15 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 12:54 PM, the Moon conjuncts Venus 2:04 PM, Mercury trines Chiron 10:52 PM.

Tuesday, December 4: We may still be in a snarky mood, but we are able to make steady progress on ongoing work. Productive morning, can move into a sleepy or dreamy afternoon, good for an imaginative journey in words, but good time to avoid motor vehicles department or any place where speed and clarity would be helpful. Make life a meditation in presence.

Moon sextile Saturn 3:42 AM, Moon trine Mars 10:24 AM, Moon square Neptune 1:46 PM

Wednesday, December 5: Multitasking increases our risk. Let’s have patience and focus on our own homework to make progress on one thing at a time. When conditions are confusing, slow down and focus. Feel the mood lightened tonight as the Moon enters Sagittarius and approaches Jupiter. Look ahead, but don’t rush there yet.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:50 AM, Moon conjunct Mercury 2:53 PM, Sun square Neptune 3:21 PM, Moon square Chiron 3:54 PM, Moon enters Sagittarius 7:48 PM.

Thursday, December 6: Place no orders today. Mercury appears stationary as it prepares to turn direct this afternoon; we can enjoy camaraderie, laugh, begin to make plans that stay mobile, but we’re not quite out of the woods yet. Take it slow and easy today, and feel the momentum pick up over the next few days. Look for new information, begin to straighten out misunderstandings, get the ducks back in a row.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter 7:30 AM, Mercury turns direct 2:22 PM, Moon square Mars 9:11 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:41 PM.



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