Starcodes December 7, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins

Starcodes December 7, 2018 Heather Roan Robbins


(all times MDT) The stars send us mixed signals this week. A New Moon in restless Sagittarius wants us to speak up and hurry up on Friday, but we still need patience.  Mercury has just turned direct after three weeks retrograde so we may need to straighten out misunderstandings and correct snafus before we barrel ahead.  Our ability to concentrate can shift and we may still get easily distracted, so we need to maintain situational awareness to not speed up and drive straight into a wall. Mercury still appears to be moving slowly from our perspective here on earth, and we’ll be just fine if we move steadily but slowly also.

Underneath that cheerful, open New Moon in Sagittarius vibe, Mercury and Venus are both now in brooding and private Scorpio and can sharpen our thinking, keep us both wary and set in our opinions. But pure stubbornness won’t help the situation, so If we find we’re digging in our heels reflexively, let’s stop and ask whether this this is a knee-jerk reaction, or do we really feel that way. Mars lingers in sensitive, low energy Pisces through the month. With both the emotional planets, Venus and Mars, in more introverted signs this week, we may find ourselves unusually serious or thoughtful, ambiguous about holiday parties and preferring more intimate gatherings.  No matter how busy we get, it will be good to take a moment alone, every now and then, without apology.

Over the weekend a competent Capricorn Moon helps us get our work done, holiday lights up, purchases made, we can start ticking off our list. Make it as fun as possible, and don’t get grim, that will not help. Just be wary of a tendency to try and control others if we’re feeling anxious, and turn this focus towards problem-solving instead.

Even though we may feel pressured to hurry, and most of us probably know what we’re doing for the rest of the year, it’s normal to feel a bit unsure about what to do next; our goals may get hazy or conditions may become uncertain, changeable, as Mars conjuncts perceptive, intuitive, but confusing Neptune in sensitive Pisces this week. We may need to just suspend long term projects until the New Year, or let go of out of date goals and old angers. A new wave of information could require us to adjust.  Investigate habits and questions around the nature of martyrdom, vulnerability and responsibility, both in the headlines, and maybe also closer to home. Take one gentle step at a time until the fog clears.

The asteroid Chiron turns direct this week, retrograde since early July, and we may need to speak up about something that hurt us, something that wears on our soul, or find a chance to to help another through what we’ve learned so far.

Our personal relationships may be put on the back burner late on Monday through Wednesday because our responsibilities to work, teams, or community demands time under an Aquarius Moon. Although the feelings are deep and strong, if we’d rather not talk about it quite yet, acceptance and tolerance will be really appreciated.

A new outspokenness starts on Wednesday night as Mercury enter Sagittarius, we’re more ready to talk, and our travel plans and holiday spirit start to bubble. The Pisces Moon on Thursday can leave us feeling softhearted and sympathetic, and a bit vulnerable. Find a way to connect on a tender level.

Friday, December 7: A new chapter begins this morning: Mercury just turned direct, the Moon was New in Sagittarius just after midnight all connoting a turning point, and Mars conjuncts Neptune in Pisces this morning to inspire our dreams and help us melt some old frustration. We may experience a world event or personal moment that hits the heart and asks us to look at persecution and victimization. Although we’ll be more willing to talk the next two days, there’s no room for small talk with Mercury in Scorpio; let people share as they are ready. Our escapist needs are strong, but we can turn it into prayer or a good book rather than the wine bottle.

Moon conjunct Sun 12:20 AM, Mars conjuncts Neptune 7:11 AM.

Saturday, December 8: Get busy on this good, solid, competent, pragmatic day as the Capricorn Moon sextiles Venus in conjunct Saturn. We may feel a little serious or grim, but that seriousness can be productive. Control issues add torque. Of course, not only good people are competent today, so watch for the advancement of Machiavellian plans. We can get tired early tonight, and when tired, strangely strategic with one another rather than openhearted. People may need to process about their work even though it’s a weekend.

Moon trine Uranus 3 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:01 AM, Moon sextiles Venus 12:19 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 10:06 PM.

Sunday, December 9: It may feel like all hands on deck for intensive work, and intensive work is good therapy as the Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Purpose, however small or large, furthers. If we don’t have purpose, we can get into manipulating one another or get stuck in depression, so let’s find a positive thing to focus upon and feel that satisfaction of a job well done.  Watch the tendency to try to control others to reduce one’s own anxiety.

Chiron turns direct 12:52 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:05 AM, Mercury trines Chiron 9:07 AM, Moon sextiles Mars 10:51 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 8:20 AM.

Monday, December 10: This cranky but pragmatic morning is good for straightening out recent misunderstandings. Don’t stand in the way of anybody’s work; instead, facilitate- and everybody gets along fine. We may need to make some surgical decisions, decide what to cut out and what to further, but have access to the objectivity we need to make these decisions. Look for a potential shift in direction as the Moon squares Uranus this afternoon. The mood is more collaborative evening as the Moon enters Aquarius and adds an ironic eccentric perspective. Deal with questions about responsibility to the group, the country, the world.

Moon sextile Mercury 1:38 PM, Moon square Uranus 2:26 PM, Moon enters Aquarius 4:39 PM.

Tuesday, December 11: The mood may be cheerful if awkward or out of sync this morning. We may feel less pressure to accomplish which allows us to look around and reconnect, get the team back on track and assess what needs to be done next. The Mercury is still in Scorpio today which can aid in follow through, check all the simmering pots to see how they’re doing, check those in invoke program management skills to make sure everything’s on track.

Moon square Venus 4 AM, Moon sex tiles Jupiter 7:33 AM.

Wednesday, December 12: Concentrate this morning and get organized, because our focus too easily disperses otherwise when Mercury enters Sagittarius this afternoon. Mercury in Sagittarius takes our mind to the larger world, to the up-coming holidays, travels, or far-flung news and connections and gives us a broad perspective. We can see all the things normally out just outside our peripheral vision, which great for multitasking, but makes it easy to get distracted and forget where we’re going next. Nervous energy can wind up easily, but it it’s easier now to see the positive side. This Mercury promotes outspokenness, even tactlessness, so feelings that brooded under Mercury in Scorpio may now come out with more frankness than is comfortable. Information is made public over the next few weeks.

Moon sextile Sun 10:36 AM, Mercury enter Sagittarius 4:42 PM.

Thursday, December 13:  Excited but nervous, outgoing but shy, a day of the sensitive feeling with slightly oblivious awareness; the mood is full of contradictions as the Moon enters Pisces, conjuncts Neptune, and squares that outspoken Sagittarius Mercury. Look for important conversations about world problems and things that pluck the heartstrings, scattered in with tenderness and tinsel. Relationships need extra attention; as attention is pulled outwards, continue to hold hands with beloveds inwards.

Moon sextile Uranus 3:19 AM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:39 AM, Moon square Mercury 6:38 AM, Moon trine Venus 9:09 PM, Moon square Jupiter 9:43 PM.




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