Starcodes Jan 26, 2019

Starcodes Jan 26, 2019


A competitive, muscular energy can help us achieve our personal best this week, or just get into a barroom (or Internet) brawl, it’s always up to us how we use the energy. Mars now forms an energizing trine with expansive Jupiter and encourages us to shoot off the mouth or blow up a situation before we really investigated the consequence. Though Venus in flexible Sagittarius can help us take it all with a grain of salt. Together they add fire to all our emotions this week, our love, hate, impatience, and curiosity.

Mars still in its own feisty, brash, direct sign of Aries, where it’s known to encourage the ready, fire, aim mentality, and the trine to expansive enlarging Jupiter magnifies its machismo.  Venus in Sagittarius at the moment and can add both extra nervy energies, a desire for mobility, honesty, and a twinkle in the eye which can make it hard for us to sit at our desk all day, but can help us not take our situation quite so seriously. Though we certainly won’t put up with any nonsense.

Idealism coordinates well with practicality as Saturn sextiles Neptune, an aspect felt all week and one which could potentially inspire a shift in recent political logjams. (Neptune melts, and Saturn describes boundaries, walls.) But this sextile is a soft and subtle aspect, we have to engage it to choose to put our ideals into form. No one can force us to do so.

Over the next few weeks, conflict gets real and our sense of humor threadbare as Mars squares Pluto, an aspect often synchronous with real power struggles. Through mid-February Mars conjuncts Uranus, a revolutionary, inventive, ingenious but occasionally explosive, aspect which can trigger change, and then then Mars enters Taurus (followed by Uranus in March) and loans us the Taurean endurance to see those changes through to completion.

So, strap on your seatbelts and choose some clear goals to direct this energy. If we’re safe and everything is hunky-dory in our life, all is well and it’s a productive week. If we’re facing a real challenge, we don’t need to pour oil on the fire, but do need to hold our line solidly and with very clear messages. Venus and Mars in fire signs can add enthusiasm and passion to our relationships if we remember to hold hands and take on challenges together, rather than plopping the problems down between us and taking sides. Fire signs need motivation, the energy flows to do what interests us, but we can feel exhausted, drag our fee, if the work doesn’t speak to our heart.

The Sun and Mercury are now in community-minded Aquarius; as the weekend begins, they trine the friendly Libra Moon, a pattern which can encourage flirtation, conversation, mediation, and a desire for friendship. But as the weekend progresses, that Libra Moon opposes Mars and squares Saturn and Pluto, and adds frustration or can precipitate a conflict around what’s fair and reasonable. Which may bring some interesting political fallout.

On Sunday and Monday, a Scorpio Moon can help us focus, but also sharpen the spikes on temperamental people. Watch a tendency to fling blame onto others to avoid accepting personal responsibility. With the Sun and Moon both in fixed signs we can be inordinately stubborn and may have to watch a knee-jerk negative reaction. That temporary roadblock breaks open on Tuesday as the Moon enters mobile Sagittarius, the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and together they encourage our benevolent curiosity.

Friday, January 25: Notice friendly cooperation on the surface with strong competitive muscular vibe underneath, so the words and actions may be at variance. But if we can compete against our personal best or collaborate towards a common goal, we can make smooth progress. It furthers to get physically tired and work stuck energy out of the body. After an active day, energy level and our sense of humor can drop mid-evening as the Moon squares Saturn. Leaving us ready to get real or get quiet.

 Moon trine Sun 5:48 AM, Mars trine Jupiter 10:53 AM, Moon square Saturn 9:10 PM.

Saturday, January 26: A day to wrangle as peace-loving egalitarian Moon in Libra opposes Mars in Aries, opposes upsetting Uranus, and squares Pluto. Fight the good fight, but don’t buy into unnecessary ones. Tackle a challenge or concept or closet that needs a good wrangle, and keep this mood away from beloveds. Start with a plan, but accept that unexpected events or surprising comments can change the agenda; work with the situation as it arises. Tonight, it furthers to break routine and indulge in spontaneous socialization as the Moon opposes Uranus, just keep the eyes open just stay situationally aware.

Moon sextile Jupiter 1:23 AM, Moon opposed Mars 1:55 AM, Moon sextile Venus 8:02 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:30 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 10:20 PM.

Sunday, January 27:  Consider rescheduling the family dinner. If we can keep our sense of humor about the generally contrary, adversarial, mood as the Moon enters private Scorpio and squares Mercury and the Sun, we can find a way to use the stubbornness well. Make a joke. But don’t expect to budge people once they’ve dated their intentions and set their jaw. Feel that contrary determination and decide what problem to rebel against, what challenge to take on with this determination, small projects or large. Pare down unnecessary stuff, weed excesses, but don’t throw away important material.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:30 AM, Moon square Mercury 10:59 AM, Moon square Sun 2:10 PM.

Monday, January 28: We can harness the stubbornness more comfortably; while it’s still not a good time to try to change minds, we can turn that stamina into productive work wherever the goals are clear. If we don’t have many answers, let’s find the one thing we do know and make progress there. Tonight, we may just need to sit like a bump on a log as the moon makes no major aspects in a fixed sign.

Moon sextile Saturn 2:46 AM, Moon trine Neptune 3:13 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:38 PM.

Tuesday, January 29: The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius and Moon enter Sagittarius, which can lighten the mood but lower our critical thinking. Sagittarius can speak the truth as it sees it but we have to add the desire to understand the truth rather than just spout opinion as if it’s the truth. As this president, with his Moon in Sagittarius natally, often reminds us. But if you can get people to ask the right questions, it’s a good day to talk over the whys and wherefore, discuss the philosophy and mission statement, or just sketch out intentions for better direction at home and work.

Moon enter Sagittarius 7:32 AM, Sun conjuncts Mercury 7:51 PM.

Wednesday, January 30: Before dawn we can see the Moon and Jupiter so close together in the eastern sky, conjunct tonight around dinner time. Then that aspect that conjunction can help put us in a good mood today. People are ready to a talk this morning as the Moon sex tiles Mercury, work through some confusion or sleepiness midday as the Moon squares Neptune, use nap time to tap into imagination. Feel a surge of positive energy around dinner time as that Moon Jupiter conjunct’s in Sagittarius, some optimism that feeds the soul. Energy runs high tonight, may be easier to sleep after 11 PM as the Moon trine’s Mars.

Moon sextile Sun 3:03 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 3:31 AM, Moon square Mercury 12:06 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:23 PM, Moon trine Mars 10:49 PM.

Thursday, January 31: it’s all water under the bridge as Saturn sextiles Neptune exactly. Quite literally, we may see some water erosion affects. This aspect can help us let go of blocks, and look for some inspiration that we can guide the work ahead. An easy, hopeful, though subtle aspect, most won’t feel it directly midday the Moon conjuncts Venus in Sagittarius and on week get a generous and lighthearted response to overtures, whether romantic or work-related, so pitch an idea, or invite someone out.

Saturn sextile Neptune 7:14 AM, Moon conjunct Venus 10:34 AM, Moon trine Uranus 3:32 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:46 PM.

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