Starcodes Feb 1, 2019

Starcodes Feb 1, 2019


Act as if there is a pool of high-octane astrological fuel sitting around in the open for the next two weeks.  If we casually toss a spark, it could blow up. If it sits around unused, we waste its potential or let it pollute the environment. But if we can figure out how to contain and harness it for good, we have healthy fuel to drive our engines and actually get somewhere.

Some challenge, frustration, concern, paranoia, or possibly even outrage at a bona- fide misuse of power can put demands on us as this weekend begins. Dangerous situations may become more dangerous, but so can our anxiety that situation is dangerous when it’s not. It will be tricky to parse those two apart. So let’s keep our eyes open, our senses aware, and stay as calm and interested as possible. Good changes may be afoot, but just bring up some anxiety in the process.

People who feel stuck will need a healthy and legal way to change their situation (and they may need help figuring out what looks like) or they could get destructive. We can certainly find cause for this irritation in the headlines as well as our personal ambitions, but since it’s really more of an existential feeling, let’s not read it into our relationships unless it truly belongs there.

This pool of energetic fuel arises as Mars, the muscular planet we associate with chi, temper, motivation, willfulness, desire, physicality, in its own sparky and brash sign of Aries, forms a challenging square to powerful Pluto this weekend, just in time for the Super Bowl. While this could bring some rates boarding competition, the questions this aspect brings around abuse of power may highlight the sex trafficking problem that collects around the Super Bowl.

Mars then heads towards a conjunction with electrical, change inducing Uranus on February 14. These two aspects produce a combustion engine. But this weekend it is also softened by a hopeful trine from emotional Venus to the change-creating Uranus, an aspect which can help us find creative and compassionate solutions and change our situation for the better. We may suddenly get an urge to build, reorganize, launch a project, change the world. Let’s just keep safety first in our enthusiasm. Although we may have an unusual amount of energy to throw into something some project that excites us, there’s chance that sparks, fires, and sharp objects could cause a problem.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Sunday and lightens our thinking and continues to encourage us to think outside of the box. On Monday a collaborative new moon in Aquarius can help us shift out of that competitive discontent and move towards building better teams. Make contacts and arrangements, gather allies, get the band back together in the month ahead. This Aquarius new moon leaves us farsighted, we can see the far horizon and feel what the masses need, but can miss all those delicious details with the people closest to us.

Midweek we need to catch up with ourselves emotionally. The energy drops as the moon enters Pisces and all those close relationships need our attention. Take care of the home front, and let beloveds feel seen and appreciated.

The coming Mars-Uranus conjunction can help us remember the fresh, brash, hopeful changes we’ve seen instigated since Uranus entered Aries in 2011. Uranus is now doing its victory lap in Aries before it heads into Taurus in March for eight years. So, let’s reach back beyond recent political regressions and remember the positive change of the last eight years, both in our life and in our world, and use those memories to focus this astrological fuel, keep it out of trouble, directed towards working for a better world.

Friday, February 1: It’s crunch time as Mars squares Pluto under an industrious Capricorn moon. Events reveal motivation. Set clean boundaries, keep clear goals, and put this willful torque to work. Rein in mood extremes and get to work on what really matters.  Let’s not just be against, but know what we are working towards. Check in to make sure what’s being done matches the vision midmorning, because people can build up momentum in the wrong direction. Use long range goals to bypass interpersonal friction. Honor a soul exhaustion tonight as the moon conjunct Saturn, but don’t read too much into it.

 Mars squares Pluto 8:19 PM, Moon the sextile Neptune 11:41 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 11:56 PM.

Saturday, February 2: We can engage in a more loving and creative industry as we take yesterday’s motivation and use it creatively while Venus trines Uranus. Develop practical camaraderie. Gather together for purpose. Make a difference on any and every scale. Enjoyed the sparks of new relationship potential, but be wary of a desire to stray from familiar relationships; If yesterday’s grumpiness tested relationships, nurture them today and help them heal.

Moon conjunct Pluto 1:13 PM, Moon square Mars 2:12 PM, Venus sextile Uranus 4:41 PM, Venus square Chiron 11:50 PM.

Sunday, February 3: That competitive muscularity still motivates, even the puppy bowl could be exciting to watch. A waning communal Aquarius Moon encourages connection, collection, group activity. Find an excuse to drop differences and share experiences. Practical optimism weaves through the afternoon as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Venus enters Capricorn tonight and helps us turn ideas into creation in the weeks ahead.

Moon square Uranus 3:52 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 6:02 AM, Venus sextiles Jupiter 2:54 PM, Venus enters Capricorn 3:29 PM.

Monday, February 4: The mood is friendly if a bit disconnected, stubborn, idealistic, if a tad impersonal. A new Moon at 2:03 PM MST marks this as an important day to inventory our allies, put our team together, and make overtures to community. The connections we weave, and the connections we ignore, will set a tone for the next year. Listen carefully to political intentions declared today.

Moon conjuncts the Sun 2:03 PM, Moon sextiles Jupiter 7:34 PM.

Tuesday, February 5: Continue on the momentum of the previous days; follow up on contacts, get the word out. A good day to update websites and send out newsletters. We are farsighted, which means the we can see further on down the road, we may be a bit oblivious to those right nearby. Don’t take it personally. The momentum slows down, our feelings need to catch up. We soften, become more aware of those nearby, but potentially grow touchier as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces tonight.

Moon conjunct Mercury 12:10 AM, Moon sextile Mars 6:49 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 4:58 PM, Moon enters Pisces 7:01 PM.

Wednesday, February 6: Process, catch up with one another, catch up with work. If feeling overwhelmed, break the pile down and deal with one thing at a time. Meander into creative process but resist initiating new practical projects today. Feelings may be close to the surface, but not always easy to read. Deal with concerns about vulnerability, both personal and those echoing in the headlines.

Moon sextile Venus 12:32 AM.

Thursday, February 7: Line things up today for a burst of activity tomorrow. The morning may be slow off the mark, our dreams linger into the day. Sweetness furthers this morning, we could all use a moment of consideration and reassurance as our inner critic mumbles. But optimism brings more vision as the Sun sextiles Jupiter this afternoon, and conversation increases decisively as Mercury sextiles Mars around dinner time.

Moon conjuncts Neptune 1:42 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 2:43 AM, Moon squares Jupiter 9:15 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 3:13 PM, Sun sextile Jupiter 5:32 PM, Mercury sextile Mars 6:24 PM.

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