Starcodes February 15, 2019

Starcodes February 15, 2019


The astrological weather has shifted for the moment, the planets may irritate us less but leave us more sensitized and stubborn with motivating Mars now in Taurus and mental Mercury in subtle Pisces. Tempers cold when Mars left flammable Aries yesterday, but are replaced with more determination as Taurus now travels through stubborn if even-keeled Taurus. We’re less likely to argue, and more likely just to follow through on our plans.

This new sensitivity has its pros and cons. Late winter depression can drift around the edges. We may feel we need one another now more than we have in the last few months.  We may be more open to an emotionally intimate connection, more open to our spirit and the quiet of spiritual practice. The Sun joins Mercury in watery Pisces on Sunday, and help us become more aware of the interconnectedness of our lives and our ecosystem, more aware of the scale and complexity of our concerns. Which can give us a real gift to accomplish in those sensitive realms, but can leave us feeling easily overwhelmed when we take in the woes of the world. We may get exhausted trying find the beginning of this tangled ball of yarn.

Mercury normally spends three weeks in a sign, it moves fast, but Mercury will now go all the way to the end of Pisces, turn retrograde March 6 through March 29, and not leave Pisces until mid-April. So we better find ways to accommodate this Piscean permeability. We’ll find renewed energy as the Sun enters Aries on March 20, watch it pick up speed after March 28 as Mercury turns direct, and feel a new chapter begin as Mercury kicks into Aries on April 18.

But for the next month, let’s take care of ourselves if we feel overwhelmed. Let’s note our thinking process and keep an eye on where the mind goes. If feeling swamped, acknowledge that sense of overwhelm and find safe and delicious ways to be sensitive. Use this unusual sensitivity to get a better picture of what’s really going on in some complicated family dynamic or work situation. Be sensitive to subtle ways to improve health. Refine a creative project, or to tap in to the deepest muse. Look for positive news.

We have support right now from Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Taurus, both durable, concrete earth signs, which means our work can be therapeutic. We’ll feel better if we feel like we’re getting somewhere. If we can’t make a concrete difference on the big concerns, it can be good medicine to just clean out a drawer or do some small, tangible, possible project with a clear beginning and an end. It can also be therapeutic to engage a tactile form of art, to paint, crochet, or carve wood. It helps to order bulbs and plan the garden. Build small projects with every chance of success, then take that experience of success, however small, back to tackle the more tangled issues.

Today, and over the weekend an inward-looking Cancer Moon opposes Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, which can leave us extra moody, but we can be comforted through coziness and reassurance. Domestic issues, both national and personal, hit the front burner. On Sunday through Tuesday, we need love, but our creative spirits may feel a bit dented as Venus conjuncts serious Saturn under a Leo moon. Our work may cramp our love life, but we can feel and express the language of love through practical action. Don’t test love. Instead, show love; do the dishes and help with some small thing that reduces our sense of overwhelm.

On Tuesday the Moon is full in Virgo, and this supports that work therapy is it loans us industriousness, though it can make us hard on ourselves. Our nerves can ratchet up, which can help us get work done, but also feed anxieties and sharpen our critical edge. Use that critical tongue wisely. Weed what really needs to be weeded, and nothing more. The week finishes on a creative, kinder note as the Moon enters aesthetic Libra on Thursday.

In a subtle but profound, and quite hopeful long-term astrological shift, Chiron, the asteroid we associate with healing, entered Aries last spring for a few months, backed into Pisces, and now again enters revolutionary Aries for the next eight years. 1968 to 1976 was the last time Chiron was in Aries, a time of great cultural and political change. Let’s get ready to direct political and social discontent into healing change in the years ahead.

Friday, February 15: A day to tend the garden, whether or not we have one; look at seed catalogs and think of spring. Run with that gardening metaphor; garden relationships, fertilize community interactions, cultivate work projects. Imagine those gardens growing, and take gentle but concrete steps to make it so under today’s Cancer moon. Expect some people to be cranky and defensive, but they may diffuse under some nurturing attention.

Moon trine Sun 12:48 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 5:48 AM, Moon enters cancer 7:02 AM, Moon sextile Mars 8:24 AM.

Saturday, February 16: Events and moods can go all over the place today as the Moon cycles between challenging aspects- opposes Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn- and positive trines with Mercury and Neptune. Own the moods rather than thinking the people around you are the cause. Small successful projects help deal with that those mood swings. Watch people’s emotional defenses; be careful not to generalize any attack. It may be hard to own our needs, but it’s essential that we speak up clearly yet without attack. Evening softens as idealism creeps in.

Moon trine Mercury 12:39 AM, Moon opposed Venus 7:23 AM, Moon trine Neptune 8:48 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 10:39 AM, Moon opposes Pluto 7:38 PM.

Sunday, February 17: Our emotional expectations could crank up, but that can leave us feeling exposed. We can use our sensitivities to tune into something positive, or else will just feel hypersensitive and emotional thereby. Get the art supplies out and connect with spiritual community, we need balm for the soul; let this be a spirit-filled day as Venus sextiles Neptune. Watch out for irritable moments around noon time as the Moon squares Mars, but then open to potential enthusiasm about future adjustments.

Venus sextile Neptune 1:43 AM, Moon the square Uranus 7:17 AM, Moon enters Leo 8:20 AM, Moon square Mars 11:57 AM.

Monday, February 18: This is an astrologically busy day, notice any subtle shifts, but wait until the dust settles before assuming where they’re going.  Change is in the air this morning as the Sun sextiles electrical Uranus and then enters Pisces. Sextiles open the door, they make change possible, but do not insist; we have to walk through. As Chiron enters Aries we may with get a whiff of the political and personal changes to come in the next few years. Venus also conjuncts serious Saturn, which can help us love what we do and love people we’ve known for a long time, but can cramp new creative projects or personal relationships, and bring up our trust issues. Let’s do what we said we’d do. In the we may feel dreamy, just want to zone out, or have a deeper desire to understand something ineffable as Mercury conjuncts Neptune. Watch the escapist habits, and bring in the magic.

Sun sextile Uranus 12:54 AM, Chiron enters Aries 2:07 AM, Venus conjunct Saturn 3:51 AM, the Sun enters Pisces 4:03 PM, the Moon trine Jupiter 4:59 PM, Mercury conjuncts Neptune 11:36 PM

Tuesday, February 19: Our bellies may be sensitive this morning as the Moon waxes full in Virgo. It may appear painfully clear what is wrong with the world. We may feel nervous or anxious about something important, but we need to aim that critical mind carefully and not let it chew on ourselves. Use that critical capacity to sort, clear, and streamline where we want to go forward. Work therapy helps as Mercury sextiles industrious Saturn, so stay busy.

Moon trine Uranus 6:50 AM, Moon enters Virgo 7:46 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 8:53 AM, Moon trine Mars 1:30 PM, Mercury sextile Saturn 7:39 PM.

Wednesday, February 20: Our moods, and the course of events, can change as fast as the late winter weather while the Virgo Moon opposes Mercury and Neptune, but trines Saturn, Venus, and Pluto. Every step forward helps. It furthers to get to the root of a problem, but assigning blame does not accomplish a fix. Don’t dump on one another. Process emotions about the past but keep the focus on what improves the future.

Moon opposed Neptune 8:22 AM, Moon trine Saturn 10:32 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 12:10 PM, Moon trine Venus 2:44 PM, Moon square Jupiter 4:40 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:51 PM.

Thursday, February 21: If relations became frayed recently, now prioritize connection. Restore right relations with one another and help the surroundings feel more harmonious under a friendlier Libra Moon. Though we may be painfully aware of the world’s ugliness, it is important to reach for the beauty of a flying bird, a friend’s smile, the aesthetics of the surroundings. See beauty in one another’s eyes.  Honor beauty wherever it is found.

Moon enters Libra 7:17 AM.

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