Starcodes February 22, 2019

Starcodes February 22, 2019


The stars ask us to acknowledge our deepest feelings as Venus conjuncts Pluto this weekend. Venus symbolizes our heart, what we care about and what we find beautiful, while Pluto speaks of depth, loss, the use and abuse of power, and of rebirth. This conjunction usually occurs once a year and can help us catch up with a backlog of emotion. It can also expose hidden stories, headlines can bring up questions around spousal abuse or sexual exploitation, breach of trust, and what we want to do about

This conjunction turns up the volume on all our feelings, but can start with a poignant grief or existential loneliness. Or a love of solitude. A personal event or memory can trigger this wealth of feeling. But even if no event occurs, we may feel a spike of existential grief over the world’s conditions, with the loss of wildlife or the wasted energy of political wrangling.

Some people respond to this conjunction by feeling everything, some might respond by feeling nothing because they don’t want to feel everything, or because they’ve become numb from overload. We don’t get to choose when it starts, or what gets triggered for us, but we can choose how we respond. Whatever it triggers in us, we can let it open our heart.

Along with this wash of feeling, we might find our minds drift or the details of our life clutter up. Mercury turns retrograde March 5-28 and will back up over this point where it is now before it turns direct. Once Mercury is in this shadow field, we can feel it slowing down, turning our attention inwards, making a little harder to stay focused. We may feel unusually perceptive, but walk out into the kitchen and forget why we’re there.

As the weekend begins, Venus lodges between Saturn and Pluto and brings our hearts to our concerns for how responsibly or irresponsibly (responsibility is a Saturn issue) power (a Pluto concern) is being used. And that’s about all kinds of power, political power, personal power, electrical power. 

As Venus dances with Pluto and Saturn she may give us a peek into the big stories of the next few years, because Pluto and Saturn conjunct just in time for the next election. Whenever these two come together, approximately every 32 years, we notice a breakdown of an old system and a desire for a new system. Let’s look back at the last few conjunctions: Pluto and Saturn conjunct 1914 as political structures of Europe were reorganized through World War I, and again in 1947, another wave of restructuring right after World War II. They conjunct 1982 during the heart an American recession. But the last time these two planets conjunct in Capricorn (as they will this time) the sign that we associate with authority, structure, and political systems, was 1517-18, around the time Martin Luther posted his 95 theses and began a revolution against the Catholic Church.

Another point of interest; Saturn, with its ring, can represent a wall. The Berlin wall came down when Saturn conjunct dissolving Neptune in the fall of 1989. Now as Saturn approaches a conjunction to Pluto in the structural sign of Capricorn, America is in the midst of a power struggle around the potential of a wall on our southern border.

Besides these big existential pieces, on Friday a Libra Moon helps us ask questions about what’s fair and what matters, but we may find it hard to tend the practical details. Our minds wander. As Mercury trines Pluto under a Scorpio Moon this weekend, it takes our thoughts and feelings deep. We want to get at the root of something and adopt shelter puppies.

Monday morning stays heavy and thoughtful, a good time to follow up on last week’s news and check in with people to see how they are. But the energy picks up as Moon enters Sagittarius midday, and now the week begins. It’s a good week to get as many pieces as possible battened down and dealt with before Mercury retrogrades next week. So, clear the decks, pay the bills get the proposal in. The week ends on competent note, we just need to pace ourselves and track our work carefully.

Friday, February 22: Let’s prioritize our human connections in this warmhearted, but heart-aching day. The Libra Moon and Sun in Pisces can soften the ground of our being, making us painfully aware of the weight of the world. A friendly word is worth gold. Good communication midafternoon as Mercury squares Jupiter, people grow and settled and achy tonight as the Moon squares Venus and Pluto and they conjunct.

Moon square Saturn 11:19 AM, Mercury square Jupiter 1:39 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 5:55 PM, Moon square Venus 7:46 PM, Moon square Pluto 7:51 PM, Venus conjunct Pluto 8:52 PM.

Saturday, February 23: Give everyone a little room. Keep the pressure off. We need to ramble around our interior world, let our psyches ponder, putter at our own rate as the Moon enters Scorpio and Mercury sextiles Pluto. Yesterday’s emotions may provoke our actions today. If poked, rushed, or loaded with expectations we’ll argue. Walk companionably, but let everyone maneuver in their own way. We can get easily ticked off early in the evening as the moon opposes Mars, but don’t have to run with it. Once we’ve investigated what we need to investigate, within or without, we may want to talk about it tonight.

Moon opposed Uranus 8:11 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:55 AM, Mercury sex tile Pluto 10:17 AM, Moon trine Sun 5:43 PM, Moon opposed Mars 8:12 PM.

Sunday, February 24: It furthers to take this as a personal day, to listen to the inner voice and put right what can be righted. As the Moon trines Neptune and sextiles Saturn is healthy for us to work on projects close to our heart, help our house feel more like ours, purge things that are no longer needed. Including opinions.

Moon trine Neptune 12:28 PM, Moon sextile Saturn 3:20 PM.

Monday, February 25: Morning is low-key and a bit surly. We are still reactive to issues that came up over the weekend. Just let everybody get oriented, then by midafternoon the Moon enters Sagittarius and a new conversation begins. It furthers to make preparations for any travel in the month ahead. If any tech hardware needs to be purchased, consider doing it today or waiting until April.

Moon sextile Pluto 12:17 AM, Moon trine Mercury 4:14 AM, Moon sextile Venus 5:13 AM, Moon enters Sagittarius 2:19 PM.

Tuesday, February 26: Funny irreverence helps through a day of minor snafus. Many small errands do better than one big task. But don’t overdo the multitasking, if we spread ourselves too thin, none of it works as the Sagittarius Moon squares the Sun and Neptune. We may have to adjust to odd events or have trouble keeping track of where we’re going and what we’re doing, but can make the most of the relatively good mood anyway. Tonight, the moon squares Neptune and are thinking can get really fuzzy, better to knock off work and rest up.

Moon square Sun 4:27 AM, Moon square Neptune 8:15 PM.

Wednesday, February 27: Morning brings a waft of good luck as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and the Sun sextiles Mars.  Take this moment of optimism to open up possibilities, but watch a tendency to spend or promise too much. Wanderlust and restlessness our good for preparing for trips and travels but there is no need to run away and join the circus. Instead, reach out to distant contacts, scan world news and get a bigger perspective.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 7:32 AM, Moon square Mercury 6:10 PM, Sun sex tile Mars 7:32 PM, Moon trine Uranus 11:17 PM, Moon enters Capricorn 11:48 PM.

Thursday, February 28: Gets serious, get efficient, but don’t get grim as the Capricorn Moon trines Mars this morning. People’s sense of humor may get threadbare unless the work is done first. Some deadlines press in, but can help us stay more focused and on track. Engage in conversation about responsibility and how to handle pressure.

Moon sextile Mars 7:25 PM, Moon sextile Sun 8:09 PM.

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