Starcodes March 15, 2019

Starcodes March 15, 2019


This week the stars loan us determination as active Mars trine authoritative Saturn and powerful Pluto in earth signs. We can make real progress wherever the decisions are clear and we know what we’re doing. But in this last week of winter, that won’t always be so easy.

With Mercury retrograde in absorptive Pisces, close to intuitive, soggy, foggy Neptune, it’s a great week to sleep and dream, and to let our imagination rip and write great fiction, but we may have trouble making realistic decisions or telling the difference between satire and news on social media. Check before reposting; is it true and is it current. Even more than usual, people will tend to filter what they see based on how they feel, and forget to check the details of information that supports their personal opinion.

Some, like the New Zealand shooter, can get lost in their Neptunian delusions but operate with painful Mars/ Pluto efficiency. May we find a positive way to reach into the Neptunian gift of compassion, connected and at one, and find an active Mars/Saturn/Pluto efficient approach to protecting one another. Every aspect can astrology has a gift aspect, a practical aspect and a challenge. The cure or redirection of the challenging component can be found in in the gift of the same aspect.

For the most part we’ll be able to communicate easily with our heart and soul, but words alone can be confusing. Because we’re sensitized, we may feel unusually permeable, aware of strange smells, deeply affected by events, available to germs but also easily touched by kind actions. We soak it all up.

With this Mercury – Neptune conjunction, water, liquids, and things that flow can be recalcitrant and our world feel water saturated; don’t underestimate bad weather or potential flooding and move the teacup away from the keyboard. Stay alert for drunk drivers. Manage personal possessions carefully, because in this fog it’s all too easy to leave phone or hat strewn about.

We get some help from Mars and Venus which square off this week in fixed signs, an aspect that loans us both stability and stubbornness. We may be comforted by familiar disagreements and gentle teasing, by the habits of our beloveds which are sometimes annoying but now can be rather endearing.

But once a real disagreement has been engaged, it will not further to push or try to work it out on the spot. If we find ourselves squaring off with beloveds or coworkers, it furthers to back off the conflict and get more information. Return to something that both parties love, then come back to the problem when disagreeing is no longer such a knee-jerk reaction.

As the weekend begins, we may feel pulled between a need to stay home and cozy and a desire to get out there and make connections. Some deeply urgent or important issues could tug at our heart and bring our emotions close to the surface. Over the weekend Mercury sextiles Pluto and Mars and encourages us to get past the surface and think deeply, find a saturnine- responsible approach to the problems of our time.

We may also have the urge and the energy to reconnect old friends and make new contacts. The Moon enters outgoing Leo on Saturday night, fans our extroverted flame and encourages us to engage the world for a few days in an otherwise introverted month. On Monday night Moon enters industrious Virgo and brings us back to our work and worries, and asks us to tackle our to-do pile.

Then the doors open, energy flows, new beginnings and new resistance springs up as the vernal equinox arrives on the full Moon this Wednesday. Welcome spring.

Friday, March 15: We may really want to curl up in stay in bed this morning, comfort and coziness important under the domestic Cancer Moon. We want to feel safe and unsafe world. But the world calls us to engage a wealth of information as Mercury squares expansive Jupiter and floods us with details. Just remember to take all new information with a grain of salt and check the sources. Don’t push people past their comfort zone, instead stretch it with stories just outside their experience. Compassion is everything.

Mercury square Jupiter 5:16 PM, Moon trine Neptune 8:17 PM.

Saturday, March 16: This can be a busy day as the Moon makes many aspects, one minute the aspects are perspicacious, the next leave us potentially overwhelmed and needing a moment to ourselves, and they cycle throughout the day. If feeling overwhelmed, just take that five minutes off alone and reengage later. As Mercury sextiles Pluto were ready to look deeper to stretch our perception and our understanding. After a fairly introspective day, the Moon enters Leo early in the evening and takes us out. Find a party and, if needed, a designated driver.

Moon opposed Saturn 12:24 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:21 AM, Moon opposed Pluto 6:53 AM, Moon trine Mercury 6:54 AM, Mercury sextile Pluto 7:08 AM, Moon trine Sun 12:03 PM, Moon enters Leo 6:56 PM, Moon square Uranus 7:46 PM.

Sunday, March 17: Work the community, engage interesting new plans and opportunities, collect names and numbers and follow up in April. Appreciate that people can laugh at themselves even through socially awkward moments. If people cross boundaries, speak up firmly but kindly should. If interesting plans and opportunities show up, share enthusiasm, collect the names and numbers and follow up on them in April.

Mercury sextile Mars 9:23 PM

Monday, March 18: Most people aren’t ready to settle down to work today. Make it an employee appreciation day, a teambuilding and reconnecting day. Headlines might get hyperbolic, and so may people’s complaints and comments, we just have to overstate to get our point across. Around dinner time as the Moon enters Virgo, we’re finally ready to get practical, though we might be prone to worrying tonight without all the facts. Let’s see if we can use our imagination in a better way

Moon opposed Venus 3:26 AM, Moon square Mars 6:05 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 9:18 AM, Moon enters Virgo 7:41 PM, Moon trine Uranus 8:39 PM.

Tuesday, March 19: Keep it simple, do what needs to be done, consider not starting anything new as the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. If we try too hard to keep up, we will probably just spin in circles. Catch up, clear the decks, tend to health, and get ready. Spring starts tomorrow.

Moon opposed Neptune 10:12 PM.

Wednesday, March 20: Anything and everything can happen on this busy day with many conflicting aspects that can fill our sales if were aimed in a good direction, but catches in the crosscurrents of we get sideways. A grand trine with the Virgo Moon, Mars in Taurus, and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn provides dynamic momentum. Mercury sextile Saturn which gives us more stability and sanity speak up. The Sun enters Aries and Spring starts at 3:58 PM MDT, the Moon enters Libra at 7:27, and they oppose at 7:42 PM

Moon trine Saturn 2:15 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 2:34 AM, Mars trine Pluto 5:41 AM, Moon trine Pluto 8:03 AM, Moon trine Mars 8:10 AM, Mercury sextile Saturn 8:26 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:21 AM, Sun enters Aries 3:58 PM, Moon enters Libra 7:27 PM, Moon opposes Sun 7:42 PM.

Thursday, March 21: Spring in the air and relationships are on the front burner, whether international relationships political alliances friendship and love. And so are all the things that can get in the way of relationships as Venus squares Mars and sextiles Jupiter. Spring fever sparks romance, interest can begin in a good debate. We nurture alliances by truly seeing and accepting one another’s unique expression. Feel free to disagree and keep hearts open as heels dig in; don’t stifle another’s right to speak.

Venus square Mars 2:07 AM, Venus sextile Jupiter 8:16 AM.

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