Starcodes March 22, 2019

Starcodes March 22, 2019


Spring has sprung, the Sun is now in Aries and lengthening days call us to start our year afresh. Aries stirs our willpower and encourages new beginnings, but we may have trouble wrangling the logistics.   We may have trouble collecting our focus or wrangling logistics, as our brains would rather read a book or wander in the wild as mental Mercury, still retrograde in intuitive foggy Pisces until the end of the week, conjuncts imaginative if confusing, Neptune. Because of its retrograde cycle, Mercury makes three exact conjunctions to Neptune from mid-February through April 2, and the retrograde version is exact this weekend.

Our imagination and our vision can sing under this conjunction, but we need to pace ourselves. We can run into danger if we let that Aries push us ahead of our ability to pay attention. It’s easy to lose things, trip, or slide sideways. This Mercury-Neptune conjunct in Pisces brings our attention to victimhood, both to the parts of us that might feel like a victim, and two our empathy with those people that truly have been victimized around the world. We can feel achingly aware of humankind’s vulnerability to circumstance, to weather, and from our human delusions. Though the Aries Sun calls us to take back our power, we need to do it in a constructive way.

This Mercury can also can heighten our imaginative otherworld. As long as we understand the difference between our reality and our imagination, this encourages a rich connection with our muse. But some can get lost in their illusions, which can complicate relationships and make the Twitter-verse crawl with conspiracy theories. So let’s use our imagination wisely and notice when we’ve stepped over the line.

Through March and into April, the Neptune transits point to real problems with water; along with the melting of this year’s heavy snows, stay alert for flood damage, water damage within the home, spilled liquids, or just feeling overwhelmed. Steady, practical things can act like a spot of dry land in the flood.

This Mercury retrograde is a particularly rich time to go back and meet old friends, two work on our dreams, to sit with our art supplies or go to a pagan conference. Friday begins on a collaborative note under a friendly Libra Moon, a good time to pick up loose ends and revive old connections. Most of us will have a pleasant, intense, if a bit surreal weekend under an edgy Scorpio Moon, but events will come to a head in a few key places. Old resentments and revenge fantasies can crawl out from under a rock. If situation heats up, don’t underestimate the potential of the moment, and support compassionate change.

That edgy Scorpio Moon can bring a real approach-avoidance conflict around engaging the world. The Aries Sun encourages us to jump in, Venus in Aquarius encourages community, but the Scorpio Moon calls for solitude. So pay attention to the mood of the moment, engage the world and be ready to step back for five minutes whenever needed. Step outside, hide behind a plant, but there is no need to disappear.

Springs enthusiastic restlessness pulses on Monday and Tuesday as the Moon enters restless Sagittarius and Venus enters sensitive Pisces, a place that it loves to be.  The Moon enters industrious Capricorn on Wednesday, but as Mercury slows down to turn direct Thursday morning, we may spin our wheels. Finish up short-term projects, but constantly check in to make sure that everyone’s on the same page, communication flows, and solutions fall into place.

Friday, March 22: Friday starts out rough but becomes friendlier and more collaborative midday as the Moon trines Venus and the Sun conjunct Chiron. Network and revitalize old connections for business and pleasure. The mood grows edgier around dinner time as the Moon enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus; we need a break in routine, but can feel really conflicted about whether or not we want to be out and about.

Moon square Saturn 2:38 AM, Moon square Pluto 8:29 AM, Moon sextile Jupiter 9:58 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:10 PM, Sun conjunct Chiron 12:37 PM, Moon enters Scorpio 8:16 PM, Moon opposed Uranus 9:37 PM.

Saturday, March 23: Moody, opinionated, curious, and amorphous, the energy wanders today as the broody Scorpio Moon makes no major aspects. Introversion and extroversion move like our breath, we may need to reach out, and then pull back for a moment of privacy. Magic is strong, clarity is not.

Sunday, March 24: Debate, flirt, find a way of enjoying differences and wrestling opinions as the Scorpio Moon forms a T-square with Venus and Mars all in fixed signs. We may not be thinking all that clearly as Mercury conjuncts Neptune exactly, but we can still be staunch in our opinions, which is not a great combination. This magic can help us sit still and listen at a very deep level though, so introspection and meditation further.

Moon trine Neptune 12:49 AM, Moon trine Mercury 1:09 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 5:25 AM, Mercury conjunct Neptune 11:27 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 11:30 AM, Moon opposed Mars 4:37 PM, Moon square Venus 8:23 PM.

Monday, March 25: Feel a fresh spring enthusiasm in the air as the Moon enter Sagittarius. Events move fast, though the energy swirls in place. An unusual honesty can help us get to the point and make some healthy temporary decisions. New ideas are beginning to pop up with the crocus. But let’s hold on those long-term decisions and keep our tempers under control because we are probably still missing an important piece of information.

Moon enter Sagittarius 12:06 AM, Moon trine Sun 8:30 AM.

Tuesday, March 26: An idealistic compassion begins to seep up likes sap to budding trees. We may want to take an action to help the underdogs and stand up for what we believe is right. Watch a tendency to take responsibility for another’s happiness, but not our own. Tap into an ambient generosity and expansiveness as the day goes on, Venus enters softhearted Pisces and the Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Just keep the boundaries clean and stay self responsible.

Moon square Mercury 6:01 AM, Moon square Neptune 7:07 AM, Venus enters Pisces 1:43 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 8:36 PM.

Wednesday, March 27: We want to get things done under a competent Capricorn Moon but circumstances don’t make that easy. Our willpower increases and it can be tempting to manipulate and manage, let’s just make sure it’s for the common good. Our hearts are ready to explore, change is in the wind as Venus se tiles Uranus, but implementation may be delayed. Mercury is stationary, turning direct tomorrow, appreciate a moment of stillness and do not push.

Moon enters Capricorn at 8:07 AM, the Moon sextiles Venus 10:06 AM, Moon trine Uranus 10:09 AM, Venus sextile Uranus 10:45 AM, Moon square Sun 10:09 AM.

Thursday, March 28: After some early morning tumult, we can begin to straighten out problems that have arisen over the last few weeks; Mercury turns direct. Expect delays, but as the day progresses, look for increasing moments of magic where everything begins to fall into place. Tonight, we take things seriously, and may need extra rest as the Moon conjuncts organized Saturn. Plans begin to clarify.

Mercury turns direct 7:58 AM, the Moon sextiles Mercury at 347, Moon sextiles Neptune at 5:33 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 10:59 PM


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