Starcodes March 29, 2019

Starcodes March 29, 2019


We get the green light this week, Mercury is direct, the Sun is in Aries, and we’re off and running into the astrological new year. But we may need to clean the gutters first. Wherever there was a block, whether in a river, project, or emotional process, the blocks begin to loosen. Where a mistake was made, we get an opportunity to repair. Where we were deluded, bamboozled, or just lost in a dream, it’s time to wake up. We have some cleanup to do before the flow really gets going.

Now some of those blocks were good. Rivers are still filling up. And if people have been brooding behind-the-scenes while Mercury is retrograde, now the plans may come to light, whether they want to run for government or take down a government, pitch a proposal or take off to Mozambique. If we’ve been brooding, plotting, or visioning while Mercury was retrograde, it’s important for us to take that plan out of storage and into the light, look at it again with a fresh light and with a clear view of the road ahead before we run with it.

Friday begins with competence but also a certain Machiavellian intensity as the industrious Capricorn Moon conjuncts intense Pluto. A willful if slightly humorless edge pushes us to accomplish under this competent Moon, but also brings up a tendency to try to control others when we’re feeling anxious. And we may have to integrate some tough recent news along the way.

The communication flow and mental processes speed up on Sunday as Mars enters verbal Gemini. Mars in Gemini can help us mediate and negotiate, breaks up a certain stubbornness that’s been sitting with us but may leave us less grounded and less practical.

Our feelings are sensitized on Monday as the Moon enters permeable Pisces, so go a little gently on April fool’s jokes. No need to make fun of pagans on this day, the first day of the first month after the vernal equinox was celebrated as New Year’s  Day up until the late Middle Ages, and people who stuck to the old ways were made fun of.

On Tuesday, our hearts soften we may be able to feel spring, and spring fever, on the breeze as that Pisces first Moon conjuncts Venus in Pisces, and then joins Neptune and Mercury in a three-way conjunction. Our emotions and our imagination can be torrential, but we may be able to see beauty in a future we had not seen before. Like rising crocus, look for the hope that springs eternally.

But if we hurt feelings on this sensitized time, expect the kickback as the Moon enters Aries on Wednesday, aiming for a spicy, rebellious, initiatory New Moon early Friday morning. This New Moon in Aries, the first New Moon of the astrological year is a true beginning. What do we want to start?

Friday, March 29: Tough overnight aspects could trigger action and reaction as we clear out blocks. Assess the situation this morning, look for any emergencies or problems that need to be dealt with as the Moon trine’s Mars; be proactive but rein in the tendency to tell people what to do. Evening grows more sociable and less driven as the Moon enters Aquarius and squares Uranus.

Moon conjunct Pluto 5:35 AM, Moon trine Mars 6:04 PM, the Moon enters Aquarius 7:45 PM, Moon squares Uranus 10:10 PM.

Saturday, March 30: Our eccentricities need time in the sunshine.  meander and soothe the soul by responding spontaneously to the moment. Engage a chance to reconnect to spirit or to one another in in moments of casual intimacy, sense one another’s presence, instead of try to talk it. Good work in groups, teams, online community; being together, whatever the excuse, strengthens bonds.

Moon sextile Chiron 12:24 AM, Moon sextile Sun 3:53 PM.

Sunday, March 31: Mars enters Gemini and the conversation picks up speed. Now we can talk it through and clear up misunderstandings, negotiate, and brainstorm possibilities for the future. A chance to write all the short stories and paint the pictures that arose in our psyches in our dreams over the last few last month.

Mars enters Gemini 12:12 AM, Moon se tile Jupiter 9:01 PM.

Monday, April 1: We are sensitized to the grains of sand, the glitches in our projects as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces. Review personal needs and see what’s working in life and what needs to be refined or adjusted. Then use this sensitivity to review plans and relationships, look for those glitches that need to be cleaned and healed so we can move forward.

Moon enters Pisces 8:47 AM, Moon squares Mars 10:43 AM, Moon sextiles Uranus 11:29 AM

Tuesday, April 2: This could be a beautiful, poetic, hyper-sensitized day as the Moon conjunct Venus in Pisces, and then joins the Mercury- Neptune conjunction. Let beloveds know they are loved. We can make dreams happen. But we may also suddenly realize that we’ve been lost in a dream, and that not everybody else is in the same dream with us. Which can bring for some tough wake-up calls. Watch the fine line between imagination and reality, work with it and help vision a better world.

Moon conjuncts Venus at 12:31 AM, Mercury conjuncts Neptune 3:36 AM, Moon conjuncts Neptune 7:24 PM, Moon conjuncts Mercury 7:58 PM.

Wednesday, April 3: Feelings you hurt today will come get you tomorrow. We’re still in that sensitized place, though feeling less generous as the Pisces Moon squares Jupiter this morning. If momentum slows midafternoon, stop trying to wrangle details and prioritize relationships. Our tails may twitch with impatience as the Moon enters Aries tonight.

Moon sextile Saturn 12:57 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 7:08 AM, Moon square Jupiter 9:35 AM, Moon enters Aries 8:56 PM, Mars sextile Chiron 9:39 PM.

Thursday, April 4: This could be considered New Year’s Eve, the New Moon in Aries early tomorrow morning is a turning point, a launch to the new year. So today is a good day to look back over the last year, note what worked and what didn’t, and make our New Year’s intentions for what we’d like to ignite tomorrow and in the months ahead. The mood is impatient, and easily fed up; direct discontent to proactivity; if there is a problem, what can we do about it!

Moon conjunct Chiron 2:02 AM, Moon sextile Mars 2:15 AM.

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