Starcodes April 12, 2019

Starcodes April 12, 2019


This astrological week starts with some tough questions, rolls into a potentially beautiful weekend to get out and about. Our consciousness returns to work in time for last-minute taxes and a cranky but efficient spurt early next week, then ends with a few sparks and an influx of gumption. Towards the end of the week, Mercury enters direct and feisty Aries, our thinking clears and we tell it like it is. Or like we think it is at the moment.

We are dealing with challenges around power and structure as the weekend begins. And we can square off with one another as the Sun in the feisty Aries, Moon in self-protective Cancer, and serious Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn all form a challenging T-square. We may want to reorganize our closets, our foundations, our finances, and our government.

The question of our era is around how power and control are used, how can we empower the individual and restrain the misuse of controlling power over others as Saturn and Pluto conjunct in structural Capricorn over the next few years. This question is amplified every time the sun, moon, or faster moving planets stimulate this conjunction. This weekend and the next, the Sun and Moon ring it like a bell.

While we may see this play out in the headlines, we can also ask ourselves some healthy questions around personal empowerment to be our best self.

Friday begins under of self-protective Cancer Moon which can encourage us to kind of stay home and take care of ourselves or nurture one another. We could see defensive and nationalistic posturing on a larger scale. The weekend brightens under an enthusiastic and sociable Leo moon. While it may bring out the grandstanding energy in some, most of us will just feel called out of our introverted winter caves and want to connect.

The Moon enters thoughtful, critical thinking Virgo just in time for a last-minute tax shuffle on Tuesday. Relationships get thrown on the back burner for a few days as work takes precedence. Logistics can cramp our relational style, which is great for work but we might need to consciously practice kindness.

Mercury enters Aries on Wednesday and wakes up our mind. We may develop a puppy-like attention span, but could wake up out of a hazy trance and sense of overwhelm that’s been hovering since February 10 when Mercury first entered Pisces.

For the next few weeks Mercury in Aries encourages us to speak up, speak first and consider later; we’ll need to add patience and tact. The trick will be to simplify our situation without oversimplifying and missing a more complex truth.

Friday, April 12: After some sweet moments early in the morning, conflicting feelings can leave us crabby around the edges as the protective Cancer Moon opposes Saturn and Pluto and squares the sun. We may have to speak an unpleasant truth or put up with temporarily uncomfortable situations, but politeness, good habits, old friends, and professionalism can help us through as Venus sextiles Saturn. People are feeling more insecure than they let on, but gratitude and appreciation help encourage the habits we want to grow. The conversation relaxes as the Moon trines Mercury around dinner time.

Moon trine Neptune 4:14 AM, Moon trine Venus 9:05 AM, Moon opposed Saturn 9:05 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 9:07 AM, Moon square Sun 1:05 PM, Moon opposed Pluto 2:01 PM, Moon trine Mercury 5:32 PM.

Saturday, April 13: Overnight events or dreams could have a haunted quality, worries come up as the Sun squares Pluto. But the day brings more luck and enthusiasm as an outgoing Leo Moon squares Uranus. Last-minute changes can help us celebrate and engage interesting new energies. Look for experiences that encourage one to step out of a personal comfort zone to be seen, tackle a small personal challenge that empowers.

Moon enters Leo 1:50 AM, the Sun squares Pluto 2:06 PM, Moon square Uranus 5:13 AM, Moon trine Chiron 7:09 AM, Moon sextile Mars 5:12 PM.

Sunday, April 14: There’s potential for camaraderie, good news, good connections which help us feel hopeful about the future; extend the first hand as the Sun trines Jupiter. Extra emotions resonate, hopes and fears, tears and laughter are close to the surface as Venus sextiles Pluto. Connect over something that really matters.

Sun trine Jupiter 7:40 AM, Venus sextile Pluto 5:51 PM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:49 PM, Moon trine Sun 7:38 PM.

Monday, April 15: Get down to work. Details, number crunching, responsible critique can get the work done but impinge on our social life; we need to keep our hearts open even as we fix mistakes. Let’s go gently with criticism both to ourselves and to others under an edgy Virgo Moon; anxiety is not efficiency. Compassion and connection actually help us accomplish.

Moon enters Virgo 4:13 AM., Moon trine Uranus 7:42 AM, Venus square Jupiter 5:14 PM, Moon square Mars 9:28 PM.

Tuesday, April 16: The day is nervy, fast- thinking, but potentially with more anxiety than clarity. Be careful where the mind focuses, keep it on track. Give the busy hamsters real work to do, doable projects to tackle and turn the anxiety into productivity as the Virgo Moon first opposes Neptune then trines Saturn and Pluto. Social edginess can make it easy to put a foot wrong tonight, be patient with one another.

Moon opposed Neptune 9:09 AM, Moon trine Saturn 1:39 PM, Moon trine Pluto 6:10 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:02 PM, Moon opposite Venus 10:29 PM.

Wednesday, April 17: Some mystery or confusion that’s been haunting us since February 10 when Mercury entered Pisces may now become clear, but let’s not oversimplify the answer in the desire to clarify as Mercury leaves Pisces and shift into direct Aries. The Moon enters congenial Libra to bring balance to it, and we begin to feel that tension between our relationships and our need to individuate.

Mercury enters Aries at 12:01 AM, the Moon enters Libra 5:21 AM, Moon opposes Mercury 5:51 AM.

Thursday, April 18: Balance tact and initiative; think before speaking but don’t suppress perceptions.  Watch for clashes in both opinions and needs this afternoon as the egalitarian Libra Moon squares Saturn and Pluto. Some imbalance or confrontation may simmer to a boil tomorrow, so nurture moments of connection and joy to counterbalance.

Moon trines Mars 12:45 AM, the Moon squares Saturn 2:47 PM, the Moon squares Pluto 7:17 PM.

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