Starcodes April 19 2019

Starcodes April 19 2019


Caution, combustible material within.  The weekend begins under astrological storm clouds but lightens up on Sunday. After an active, blossoming and fertile few days early in the week, the stars again vibrate with both strategic potential and tension towards the end of the week.

On Friday, a friendly early morning full Moon in Libra shines a light on both our need for relationships and our need for individuation but can highlight the differences between our needs. The mood sharpens as the Moon enters broody Scorpio around breakfast. We may love people and still not want to be around them, we just won’t want to be convenient, which can make family gatherings tricky this weekend. Corner us, and we will reclaim our time.

The Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon can leave us willful or sharp-edged on Friday. We want to go our own way. Mercury is already in Aries, Venus joins Mercury on Saturday. Luckily the Sun also leaves Aries and enters steadier Taurus, gives us stamina,  and helps us level out the moods somewhat.

Mercury and Venus in Aries bring out our natural histamines, both emotionally and quite literally make us more physically reactive. Our tempers spike easily, and so do our allergies. With Venus in Aries, watch the female candidates start to shine, and take the heat. Global hotspots will have extra fuel. And we may feel a fierce protectiveness to the people that we love who might be vulnerable.

The Sun and mental Mercury in direct, impatient Aries, keep us honest and energized when we’re on track, and can make us profoundly lazy if stuck doing something we don’t want to do.  Let’s rein in an almost knee-jerk need to say something controversial. It’s not that we’re insensitive, but we will tend to speak, move, argue, or love, first, then consider the ramifications of our actions later. Luckily Mars, now in verbal Gemini, can help us break the tension if we can just keep the conversation going, but it has to be a real conversation, a Geminian volley, not a monologue.

Give relatives the room to be outrageous on Sunday, we may feel no less outspoken, but more sociable and humorous as the Moon enters upbeat Sagittarius. Easter gatherings will be the most fun they keep an element of spontaneity. On Monday the Taurus Sun conjuncts change-inducing Uranus and instigate a minor earthquake, small but substantial shift to improve our habits, our garden, our world. The Moon enters industrious Capricorn on Tuesday and encourages us to keep those pragmatic changes rolling forward.

Keep an eye out on for some Machiavellian political moves in the middle of the week under the Capricorn Moon as Pluto stations and turns retrograde, though we may not see the evidence of them for a few months. On Thursday, as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and Saturn, people may get grim but are willing to work towards advancement of dreams, ideals, plots and plans. Use this determination to make improvements.

Friday, April 19: The Moon is full in Libra at 5:12 AM MDT, and we can see things in black-and-white, defined by pairs of oppositions, skew lines, and contrasting needs. Take the information, but don’t believe that dichotomy; look for the connection, the mutual benefit, underneath. The Moon enters Scorpio by 6:40 AM, tails twitch, curiosity deepens, attitudes can entrench and we will not suffer fools lightly. Use this focus well. If the situation starts to explode, it can go far; consider standing back and centering rather than engaging that explosion.

Moon opposed the Sun 5:12 AM, Moon enters Scorpio 6:40 AM, Moon opposes Uranus 10:34 AM, Mercury conjunct Chiron 5:47 PM

Saturday, April 20: It may be better to work near our beloveds, but not with them (once we leave the bed); the Sun enters Taurus, and adds a more earthy and sensual note, though the undercurrent of impatience intensifies while Venus takes the torch from the sun and enters Aries, all under a musky Scorpio Moon. We don’t want to behave, will stubbornly resist pressure, and need to listen to our inner calling. Enjoy the focus, listen to inner callings, and make an effort to be kind.

Sun enters Taurus 2:55 AM, Venus enters Aries 10:10 AM, Moon trine Neptune 12:39 PM, Moon sex tile Saturn 5:19 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 9:59 PM.

Sunday, April 21: The Moon enter flexible fire sign Sagittarius and trines Venus and Mercury in Aries, offering us a more upbeat, more outgoing day; quite literally we may feel called to be outside and moving. Use a temporary openness and honesty to communicate clearly with one another to tackle touchy subjects, just be careful not to try to push somebody into changing their beliefs or political views, it will not further.

Moon enters Sagittarius 9:59 AM, Moon trine Venus 12:18 PM, Moon entered trine Chiron 4:18 PM, Moon trine Mercury 9:18 PM.

Monday, April 22: Some conflicts may be useful and productive today, just don’t go there without a good reason. The Sun conjunct Uranus but in fixed signs which suggests slow but important changes. Deep tremors. Restlessness competes with a desire for safety, and this tension can make anyone a little edgy and impatient. The moon enters competent in determined Capricorn late afternoon and brings follow-through and determination, but can bring out our pushiness or manipulation. It helps to complete one small project, it renews hope for the bigger ones.

Moon opposed Mars 12:34 PM, Sun conjunct Uranus 5:06 PM, Moon square Neptune 6:03 PM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 5:43 AM, Venus conjunct Chiron 10:54 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 4:49 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:46 PM.

Tuesday, April 23: It’s tempting to slip out of the ordinary routine and get outside this morning. A generous mood encourages overtures and shared ideas. Humor flows easily but watch hurtful jabs, as old emotional scar tissue can feel tender. if something tweaks an old emotional issue, stay present and make fresh choice. Long-term planning and hard work get easier later in the day as the moon enters Capricorn.

Moon conjuncts Jupiter 5:43 AM, Venus conjunct Chiron 10:54 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 4:49 PM, Moon trine Uranus 9:46 PM.

Wednesday, April 24: An air of competition can either ruin the subtleties of life or push us to achieve a personal best. Keep a sportsperson-like approach to this air of competition and direct it towards improvement, not an excuse to be hard on oneself or others as the Capricorn Moon squares Venus and Mercury. There’s potential for a deep strategic power-play as Pluto stations to turn retrograde; walk away if one looms near you. Now is not the time to argue.

Moon trine Sun 12:02 AM, Moon square Venus 1:11 AM, Moon square Mercury 12: 13 PM, Pluto turns retrograde 12:47 PM.

Thursday, April 25: There’s work to be done on all sides, fill in the void so the work isn’t taken by others as the Capricorn Moon prepares to conjunct Saturn and Pluto tonight. People may be a little grim, and will feel better once they feel like they’ve accomplished something. Focus on serious long-term potential. If feeling rebellious, state clear boundaries and speak up, but try to stay active versus reactive.

Moon sextile Neptune 3:21 AM, Moon conjunct Chiron 8:33 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 1:47 PM.

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