Starcodes May 17, 2019

Starcodes May 17, 2019


This week could bring solid progress on practical work as Mercury and the Sun trine Saturn and Pluto in pragmatic earth signs. We can really get places. Ambitions of all kinds are furthered, which can be great for our personal projects, but problematic with people or countries whose ambition it is to suppress and oppress. This competent focus begins to disperse towards the end of the week as the Sun and Mercury leave Taurus and enter versatile and verbose Gemini. So, let’s make pragmatic progress now, work towards the world we believe in now, and talk about it all later on.

That work can help keep us level with this weekend’s potential emotional roller coasters. Our emotional hearts could be distractingly volatile as Venus conjuncts restless Uranus in Taurus under an intense full Scorpio Moon over the weekend. On one side, this could bring a lusty and flirtatious energy, but it can also bring up the specters of isolation, jealousy, and possessiveness. If we see Venus and the Moon as symbolic of the feminine archetype, of the culture’s Anima, Venus conjunct Uranus wants change now and the Scorpio full Moon calls for intensity, respect, or retribution. Obsessions get easily triggered unless we put obsessive streak to good use and keep it out of trouble.

The broody clouds pick up on Friday under the Scorpio Moon, though Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer form a supportive sextile. Our feelings run strong and deep, and when there is no tough test to respond to, relationships deepen and we can get along with unusual peacefulness both with one another and with our various parts inside.

We will tend to think deeply, if not quickly, which could us do research for those final papers., Or just because we are trying to understand a tumultuous world.  We want to get to the bottom of the problem and can perseverate over an issue that bothers us. Some new information, triggered either by a new factual revelation or arising from psyche, gives us a new clue to the puzzle. That new understanding could upset us as it provokes change as Mercury trines intensive Pluto this weekend, that we feel it all week long.

On Saturday, if we realize our emotions are off-kilter and winding out, it helps to stop what we’re doing, realize that we’re triggered, and honor the emotions, but not believe the story that our obsessions want to tell. The mood shifts by the evening as the Moon enter Sagittarius, and we may be able to laugh about something that drove us nuts hours before.

The mood chills out but stays outspoken through Sunday and Monday, that Sagittarius Moon encourages fresh optimism and a desire to liberate ourselves from what felt so heavy last week. On Tuesday the energy shifts as Mercury and the Sun enter multitasking Gemini, our attention becomes more diffuse our determination can stay on target under a pragmatic Moon in Capricorn. Look for strategic speeches or manipulative words, which can be two sides of one coin. Keep on target with the work at hand, as the focus dissipates further on Thursday under a collaborative Aquarius Moon. People become much more interesting than following through on practical work.

Friday, May 17: It furthers to have good work to do today. If we know what we’re doing, we can make real progress and use this obsessive Scorpio fixation on something positive. Spiritual practice or meditation works, as does pouring our hearts into music, art, or sculpture. We want what we want, our desire nature and all our primal emotions are cranked up. So can a desire to get even, to settle the score; as the Moon waxes full, don’t let others own the paradigm. Let’s choose carefully what we focus upon.

Moon trine Neptune 11:02 PM, Mercury trine Pluto 11:48 PM

Saturday, May 18: Some more volatile emotional situations could come to a head today. Weed the garden, weed the closet, but don’t weed beloveds under a full moon in Scorpio at 3:11 PM MDT. The mood can be fine while we’re calm, but volatilizes quickly; Invoke equanimity. Don’t toy with affections, do let beloveds know you love them. The mood lightens tonight as the moon enters freewheeling Sagittarius. Laugh about what felt grim only a few hours before.

Moon sextile Saturn, Moon sextile Pluto 7:04 AM, Moon opposed Mercury 8:25 AM, Venus conjunct Uranus 10:16 AM, Moon opposes the Sun 3:11 PM, Moon enter Sagittarius 7:20 PM.

Sunday, May 19: Make this a healing day Make this a low-key, healing day. Put careers on the side for the moment, because not much can be done about them at the moment, and rebuild resilience. Make lovely moments, explore just beyond the familiar, whether that’s around the corner, in the next room, or with a fresh conception.

Moon trine Chiron 4:00 AM.

Monday, May 20: Once they’re fully awake, people are in a mood to say yes if the pitch is brief and positive as an optimistic Sagittarius Moon conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Look for opportunities to expand the aperture, contact faraway people, or learn something new to open the mind and heart. Share little-known facts.  Just don’t corner anyone, we’ll hate to feel restricted.

Moon square Neptune 4:31 AM, Moon conjunct Jupiter 11:04 AM.

Tuesday, May 21: Think fast. The general mood speeds up and gets nervy and scattered, the conversation picks up as the Sun and Mercury enter Gemini and conjunct, and the moon enters competent Capricorn. While this is great for cross pollinating ideas, it’s not so great for rigorous thinking. After an irritable patch early this morning as the Moon opposes Mars, that Capricorn Moon can help us direct this nervy energy towards work. We can feel a pivot point, a last push on old projects and a chance to begin an interesting new phase. Get a new team to work together, adapt to a new scenario, or have great conversations before the end of school year, if that is our journey. Accomplish over the next two days, because the focus then dissipates.

Moon enters Capricorn 1:56 AM, the Sun enters Gemini 1:59 AM, Mercury enters Gemini 4:51 AM, Mercury and the Sun conjunct 7:06 AM, Moon opposes Mars 8:34 AM, Moon trine Uranus 9:42 AM, Moon trine Venus 4:58 PM.

Wednesday, May 22: Look for a shift, and make it a good one as Mars sextiles Uranus this morning. We can use an ambient competence to stand back from our situation and be ruthlessly honest with ourselves, but compassionately honest with others. Watch for news about this year’s big ambitions as the Capricorn moon conjuncts Saturn and Pluto.

Mars sextile Uranus 8:46 AM, Moon sextile Neptune 130 teen p.m., Moon conjunct Saturn 4:22 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 9:57 PM.

Thursday, May 23: A Breeze blows in and can waft away our concentration today as the Moon enters airy and theoretical Aquarius. When we can’t focus, we can network, work our social media, and scan the far horizons. International conversations can grab our attention; it’s important for us to know what’s going on, so engage a large-scale situational awareness.

Moon enters Aquarius 11:49 AM, Mercury sextile Chiron 12:04 PM, Mars square Chiron 5:10 PM. Moon trine the Sun 4:48 PM, Moon square Uranus 8:16 PM.

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