Starcodes May 24, 2019

Starcodes May 24, 2019


We can be efficient today, Friday, and again next week, but this weekend is one to take off. Relax, put the hammock up, turn into a puddle, visit an art fair, wade through the allergies, adjust, emote and process under first a sociable Aquarius Moon through Saturday, then a sensitive Pisces Moon on Sunday and Monday. All while mental Mercury approaches a square to dreamy, confusing Neptune, an aspect that helps us daydream, but can send mixed signals and confusing press releases, an aspect which will be exact on Wednesday.

It’s a good week to talk it all out with the Sun and Mercury now in in mutable and voluble Gemini. We can multitask like crazy but may have trouble holding our attention steadily. When we can remember what we came into the room for, we can find it, along with ten other things. Our thoughts may wander; if we keep talking, and we will, we can work our way back around to our original point, though we convey a ton of extraneous news and opinions along the way.

Underneath the verbal buzz Venus and Mars encourage us to care for our home and family, love up our beloveds on a good day, and loan us a deep protective strength on a bad one.  Venus, now in Taurus, infuses us with cuddly comfort, unless our hackles are up, and then watch heels dig in. Mars now in domestic but self-protective Cancer encourages us to take care of our home and homeland, to garden and nurture when we’re feeling safe, but loans us defensive genius when we’re not. While these positions are great for deepening our family and friendships, it’s not a good time to attack a person or country on their own turf.

On Tuesday the moon enters self-starting Aries and we can launch into the next cycle. But steer carefully because we still can’t quite see the road ahead while Mercury squares Neptune. Misinformation, intentional or accidental, mixed signals, and a tendency to daydream just when we need to pay attention can make it hard to build momentum safely. Track what needs to be tracked with care.

Though the weekend is warm and easy, trust is an issue all week long; we need people to mean what they say, say what they mean, and stand up for the people that need them. We’ll be watching our beloveds and our politicians to see if we can count on them as Venus trines Saturn and sextiles Neptune.

Humming underneath this springtime pleasantness and confusion we are dealing with that year-long tough transit challenging our political landscape and personal mood. Saturn, the planet we associate with history and tradition on a good day, and the worst of patriarchy on a bad day conjuncts Pluto, symbolic of death, rebirth, transformation, and power, who mythologically pulled Persephone into the underworld and held her captive. Right now they are both sitting on the south lunar node, a point that brings us back to unfinished business of the past. For the next few months we can experience moments of cultural PTSD as events trigger old wounds of racism and misogyny, abuses of power in the past. The whole world may seem to be stuck in a failure of imagination, retreating to old bastions that didn’t work last time. This aspect is temporary, but it needs all our attention not to retrench into the past. Let’s be kind to ourselves and not buy into this illusion but instead look for the wise elders to support, look for the wisdom within, and empower each person within this culture.

Friday, May 24: The Sun is warm, the Moon is in sociable Aquarius so political demonstrations, picnics, and all gatherings await. Good ideas percolate but it may be hard to focus on one thing at a time, our thinking is more global and collective than focused. people can be endearing with their foibles this morning. This afternoon, engage conversation on how to feel more comfortable and connected.

Moon trine Mercury 12:01 AM, Moon square Venus 10:17 AM.

Saturday, May 25: Wandering continues this a low-key, open day; be, rather than do, as the companionable Aquarius Moon sextiles Jupiter then forms no major aspect for the rest of the day. Let go of a specific goal, this is not a day to accomplish with proficiency. Let’s make our very presence count, keep our mind and heart open to one another, and turn the conversation forward.

Moon sextile Jupiter 6:50 AM.

Sunday, May 26: The Moon enters sensitizing Pisces and our moods echo this; allergies may bother us, but we can also become sensitively aware of the beauty in another’s eye, the fragrance of a spring flower, the flight of a chickadee. Just be. Notice, but don’t be subsumed by, doubts and second guesses. Look for a healing moment, a chance for sensitive honesty as the Sun sextiles Chiron. Breathe through potential minor conflict within or without midday as the Moon trines Mars.

Moon enters Pisces 12:07 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:01 AM, Moon square Sun 10:33 AM, Sun sextile Chiron 10:37 AM, Moon trine Mars 2:06 PM.

Monday, May 27: Keep expectations low this swampy sentimental day as the Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune. Our intuition is on as is our ability to vision and touch spirit, or just nap. We can feel easily overwhelmed and notice the sand under the saddle, glitches in our system, and just need some time to catch up with ourselves. We can grow more competent and forward thinking as the evening progresses and the Moon squares Jupiter, sextiles Pluto.

Moon square Mercury 2:07 AM, Moon sextile Venus 5:51 AM Moon sextile Saturn 4:27 PM, Moon square Jupiter 6:54 PM, Moon sextile Pluto 10:20 PM

Tuesday, May 28: We may be slow to start, but momentum builds up as the Moon heads into Aries around noon. Our rebellious edge kicks in, a desire to set firm limits or make a statement or tell people off. Check facts before spouting off. Make it count; put this this energy where the boundary needs to be set, and keep it away from the nice people nearby. If a friend or coworker is shooting sparks, give them a wide berth for now.

Moon enters Aries 12:31 PM. Moon conjunct Chiron 10:53 PM.

Wednesday, May 29: This can be a tricky day. Watch for abrasive misconceptions or misunderstandings as the assertive Moon in Aries squares defensive Mars in Cancer, all while Mercury squares obfuscating Neptune. Our need to spout off and our need to protect ourselves can run headlong into one another, or just give us a stomachache. Watch for victimized feelings; balance independence and connection, reassurance and forthrightness.

Moon sextile Sun 3:51 AM, Moon square Mars 5:30 AM, Mercury square Neptune 7:22 PM.

Thursday, May 30: We may need to talk, and it may need to be said, but let’s not say too much or say the unforgivable as Mercury opposes Jupiter under a feisty Aries Moon. Speak up and find a creative solution; a kinder, more affectionate and imaginative note is encouraged as Venus sextiles intuitive Neptune, we just have to reach for it. Politically this can help us bring imagination back to the strength of women.  Comfort renews, a stubborn strength returns tonight as the Moon enters earthy Taurus.

Moon sextile Mercury 2:02 AM, Moon square Saturn 3:16 AM, Moon square Jupiter 5:21 AM, Moon square Pluto 9:07 AM, Venus sextile Neptune 10:49 AM, Mercury opposed Jupiter 9:11 PM, Moon enters Taurus 10:42 PM.

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