Look To The Sky

Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck

  • Starcodes- an astrology- based Oracle deck is designed to help you clarify your thoughts, understand key patterns, and ease decisions.
  • 56 cards redolent with meaning: the signs, houses, planets, asteroids, aspects, conditions- retrograde, debilitated, and exalted, processes - progressions and transits, as well as solar flares and solar calm.
  • You don’t need to know a thing about astrology to use this as an Oracle deck, the accompanying book covers seed ideas for each symbol. Learn this rich astrological language as you use the deck..
  • If you’re already an astrologer. Use this book to stretch how to apply the symbol as an Oracle, then wing it and let the symbols speak for themselves.
  • From the challenge- through the practical aspect- to its gift, each symbol describes a spectrum which gives you choice; the answer to your challenge can be found in the gift expression of the same symbol.
  • Richly Illustrated by Lucas Lua De Souza, Brazilian-born tattoo artist now living in Australia.
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