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Navigate Your Chart with Choice Based Astrology

The possibilities on your path are endless.

Choice Based Astrology is a language of connection, it describes the rhythms of the universe and how they affect us, how our rhythms affect one another, how we all have a place in this pulsing mandala of the world.

Reading an Astrology chart is based on the concept that what we see above maps what happens below; we notice a relationship between the dance of the planets around our Sun and the energies we feel here on earth. This Book takes you a journey though this epic cosmic map, exploring the multidimensional archetypes and mythologies that resonate deep in our souls.

Every astrological symbol of sign, aspect, house, planet has 180° spectrum of expression, from terrible challenges, through its practical expression, to its divine gifts. In this book you will learn how the planets, the signs, houses, aspects, progressions, transits, pulses and rhythms of the cosmic map interact in a unique way in a chart from birth forward, through the lens of Choice Based Astrology.

Take Control of Your Destiny!

When you were born, you imprint the planetary pattern made at that moment you walked into this life. Those astrological patterns do not define your future, but they do describe a pulse or pattern for you to work with.  You choose how you respond. Understanding and learning to read your chart can expand possibilities, understanding and self growth.

Once you understand the breadth of each symbol, you have a map to help you choose how to express that point. Your free will and your spiritual path interact with your astrological patterns and your world to weave your life’s journey.

That’s where this work comes in. I want you to understand that there is 180° of expression for each sign, each planet, and each aspect—nothing is set in stone—so you can make dynamic, healthy choices. The medicine, remedy, or empowering meaning for each difficult aspect and transit can be found in a positive expression of that same thing.

Starcodes Astrology

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Come with me to this land of stars and planets, and bring your curiosity and doubts. I want you to try everything on for yourself, see how it works in your chart and life, look at the charts of people your know and love, and let those teach you about this amazing system.

Starcodes The Book has

In-Depth Chapters Covering

  • The Natal Chart
  • The Planets & Luminaries
  • Asteroids & Lunar Nodes
  • Houses & Cardinal Points
  • Aspects & Progressions
  • Chart Patterns & Practice

Heather Roan Robbins

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Astrologer ∓ Author.
Heather Roan Robbins

I want people to know how to feel empowered by their chart and I am so excited about my new Book on Choice Based Astrology coming out in June. This Astrology Book will guide you to a deeper understanding of your chart and Astrolgy in general.

This book is a labor of love for all my clients, students and for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of Astrology.

I wrote Starcodes: Navigate Your Chart with Choice Based Astrology with easy to follow embedded journal prompts to help apply the material to your chart and your life. The book can be used as a workbook and is a resource rich reference book you'll return to time and time again.

Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck

This Book Connects to the Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck

Do you love your Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck and have wanted to go a little deeper with the concepts? This Book is a great companion to deepening your connection and understanding of the Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck.

Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck

Tap into the powerful energy of ancient astrological archetypes and the influential relationships between celestial bodies as they move through the sky and through your life with the Starcodes Astro Oracle.

Look To The Sky To See Within

56 cards redolent with meaning: the signs, houses, planets, asteroids, aspects, conditions- retrograde, debilitated, and exalted, processes - progressions and transits, as well as solar flares and solar calm.

Starcodes: Navigate your Chart with Choice Based Astrology

is published by Hay House with illustrations by Lucas Lua De Souza.
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  • Lucas Lua De Souza