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Minnesota Astrology

Resources for interfaith and intuition

People doing good works

  • A place to begin when you feel you have to do something.
  • Radical womens organization of Afghanistan They are doing good work.
  • News and resources from the magical/political frontier.

Recommendations for Starcodes Astro-weather

“I’ve been sharing your fabulous horoscopes with everyone in our office, and we’re all waiting with baited breath.”

–C.Elliot, NYC

“Starcodes is a wonderful “weather forecast” for the week. Heather Roan Robbins uses insight and intuition to write practical, sensitive advice. Knowing ahead of time what might be going on inside my own head as well as inside everyone I work with helps me keep centered, aware, and grounded.”

–Therese Francis, Ph.D., author ofThe Mercury Retrograde Book and founder of Crossquarter Press

“Roan Robbins’s Starcodes provides me with a framework for the week…. her evocative descriptions of astrological events conjure dynamic images and possibilities for thinking about the week ahead.”

–Julia Deisler, PhD.