Spiritual Counseling

  • Spiritual Counsel is not therapy, though it can be therapeutic. Sometimes it just helps to feel heard. Together we create a spacious, non-judgmental place for you to safely reflect on your life’s issues with Spirit in mind and in heart..
  • We work within the parameters and symbols of Spirit as it speaks to you, the symbols of your path, and bring our attention to the movement of Spirit in your life. We may pray together, explore your chart to help you return to yourself, or put together simple rituals that support your process.
  • I listen, I ask questions and mirror back, and let Spirit do the work. We can meet once, a few times around a crisis or transition point, or regularly while you need it. I leave it up to you.
  • Heather Roan Robbins M.Th
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Baby Namings

are a way to honor the sacred power of a new life, their connection to Spirit, and your intentions to bring it up in a way that honors hers or his soul and soul-path. It invokes protection, implicitly or explicitly, for the new one and offers a chance for your family, friends and community to welcome your child into the world and promise their support.

Baptism of an adult

is a way of making the end of an era in a life, cleansing and sanctifying yourself in the present, and initiating a new path for the future. I do not baptize a being into any particular faith (for that you need to return to the church or temple in question) but into the path of Spirit.