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Astro Oracle Deck

  • Starcodes- an astrology- based Oracle deck is designed to help you clarify your thoughts, understand key patterns, and ease decisions.
  • 56 cards deeply rooted with meaning: the signs, houses, planets, asteroids, aspects, conditions- retrograde, debilitated, and exalted, processes - progressions and transits, as well as solar flares and solar calm.
  • You don’t need to know a thing about astrology to use this as an Oracle deck, the accompanying book covers seed ideas for each symbol. Learn this rich astrological language as you use the deck.
  • If you’re already an astrologer. Use this book to stretch how to apply the symbol as an Oracle, then wing it and let the symbols speak for themselves.

Starcodes Guidebook

The Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck comes with a 135 page Guidebook with instructions on how to use the deck, spreads and indepth descriptions of each cards meaning.

Divination tools answer the question that’s in our heart or most on our mind, not necessarily the one we spell out. So, ask your heart’s real question first, then get more specific.

An in-depth look behind the Astro Oracle Deck With Heather

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Astro Oracle Cards

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Starcodes Astro Oracle Deck

is published by Hay House & Richly Illustrated by by Lucas Lua De Souza, a Brazilian-born tattoo artist now living in Australia.
  • Hay House
  • Lucas Lua De Souza

Starcodes: Navigate your Chart with Choice Based Astrology

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