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Upcoming in 2018:

NYC:  I’ll be in New York City doing readings March 9, 11, 12, — Book Here

Teaching March 10-11   Finding Joy, resilience, and resource in your chart – a great workshop with my Access Astrology cohorts Anne Ortelee and Mark Wolz, and would love to see you there. (we break in to three levels to workshop, all levels welcome).  For more information, ask me, check out the Access Astrology Facebook page or get tickets at–talent-success-joy-2138946499 . If you are interested, please let us know by Feb 28.

MN: I will be in Minneapolis March 13-20 – doing readings at the Eye of Horus Thursday, Friday morning, and Monday. You can book a reading with me there —

I will be speaking for MNStars on Friday and Sunday

Finding Your Joys @ Lunds & Byerlys – Uptown (Community Room)

Mar 16 @ 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM Finding Your Joy: How to find resources in the astrological chart to live a full life. We will look to the Nodes, Jupiter placement and condition, and the conditions of all planets in a chart to mine it for clues to build resilience and  bring joy to your life. When we know what works for us, we have more energy to tackle all our challenges.

Experiential Astrology – Heather Roan Robbins & Saleem Adam Wolter @ Holistic Gateway

Mar 18 @ 11:15 AM – 4:45 PM Be a planet, act out a chart, and watch astrology breathe and come alive. We’ll start with a walking meditation based on the Sufi walks of the planets and embody each to warm up. Then, working on a zodiac on the floor, participants become Sun, Moon or planet (or stay as observer if they prefer) we’ll pick a handful of charts to work on, let the planets channel through us and interview each character to find out what it feels like to square Saturn, trine Pluto, or dangle out there lonely and un-aspected. Get a visceral feel for the interaction of aspects. Come with a question! The chart holder can ask questions of their planets and brainstorm with them to solve dilemmas. We can deepen our understanding of the charts dynamics whatever our level of astrological understanding.


And teaching at Paganicon Saturday and Sunday morning-

Saturday: 2:45 the creative force of dynamic tension: Saturn in Capricorn approaches Pluto. Through story, astro-drama, and experiential astrology we’ll share the year’s major transits, then take you on a journey to consider your personal choices at this crossroads. Over the next three years the planets call for profound change in the foundations of our country and a reorganization of the basic structures of our life. As people of spirit in relationship to the Earth, we ask “How can we manifest the best possible outcomes for the good of the whole?” 

Sunday 9;00 am Palmistry as Portal. As our hands conduct our energy to the world, they record the flow of our mind, heart, and physical energy, and this map offers a window into how a person reacts to the slings and arrows of fortune, where they have unused potential, and what might bring their life into balance. Palmistry’s practical, teachable map can act as scaffolding for our compassionate intuition. In this orientation we’ll cover the lines, shapes, proportion and how to approach the hand with outer and inner eyes, and practice upon one another. Bring your hands.

Web-Radio: Access Astrology: Every Wednesday evening, 10 -10:30 pm Central time

(downloadable all week long), with Anne Ortlee and Mark Wolz. Overview of the week’s astro-weather & mini-readings for people who call in.

Mark your calendars:

Every Wednesday evening :
10:00 p.m. CDT
Access Astrology With Mark Woltz and Anne Ortlee

First Tuesday of every month:
7:00 pm
Living Astrology Chart Clinic

“Heather completely kicks butt as an astrologer. Over the years she has saved my sanity and my life.”

–M. Maude Bryt, Graphic Designer, EMT-International search and rescue


“I was a great fan of the late Patrick Walker. His insights and comments regarding astrological issues always had special resonance with me. Starcodes is the first column I have found that continues in his astounding tradition and reflects a truly rare and unique talent in Ms. Roan Robbins”

.–Thomas K. Raney, Jr


“Dear Heather, Thanks for being here as I sit at my computer 4:30 am in Las Vegas, NV. I have been a fond, avid reader since 2000 when we moved to Santa Fe. Your wonderful weekly insights have kept me aware and awe struck! Thanks for your strength and vibrations felt by me, and many thousands more.”

–Very truly, Suzanne


“Heather Roan Robbins is a most gifted astrologer. Her take on daily horoscopes, focusing on planetary influences rather than sun sign predictions, is wonderfully refreshing. One Spirit has featured her work for several years, and Starcodes is a bona fide member favorite. They write to us regularly to describe how much they enjoy the column and to compliment Heather on the accuracy of her work. She takes the practice to a new level.”

–Patty Gift, Editor, OneSpirit books (spiritual branch of the Book-of-the-Month Club).


“My membership responded extraordinarily to Heather’s Starcodes. The feedback was very strong and positive, based in my opinion on her ability to predict a general mood for the world rather than some vague statement for a particular Sun sign. Being on the Internet, our membership is global and Starcodes touched some universal energy.”

–Kate Levy, Vice President of World Interactive TV, Inc., US/Ltd., London; Project Consultant for News International at Broadsystem Ltd, England