So you are joining lives!

How wonderful.

  • Weaving lives together, birthing that third soul of partnership, begins long before the ceremony itself.
  • My job is to help you stay focused on what you need, to offer my resources and experience and facilitate your process to help you create the personal, joyful celebration you deserve.
  • We’ll explore options. I will ask you about yourselves, what’s important to you, your aesthetics, and the cultural influences in your lives, your spiritual approach and family concerns. I’ll put together a template for the service in response.
  • I have officiated weddings that run from a sweet ten-minutes in the park with family, a funky, existential wedding over a museum diorama of NYC, on the beach as dolphins swam by, through simple elegant formal drawing room ceremony to elaborate ritual in a traditional church or sacred kiva.
    And I would love to work with you.

Simplest Wedding: approximately $150

We put together a quiet, heartfelt ceremony, perform nearby, and send you on your way with blessings.


Wedding: approximately $300 plus expenses.

A planning session, 1-2 revisions, and the wedding performed at your location in Western Montana (plus mileage if out of the Missoula-Kalispell area).


Large Wedding: approximately $500

Larger scale, more complex ceremonies. Includes a planning session, a few revisions, rehearsal and the wedding performed (plus mileage or transportation if out of the Missoula-Kalispell area).


Destination wedding weekend away: $1,000 plus expenses.

Includes all planning, rehearsals and spiritual support for family.